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Duel Academy League is one of the most successful events you could ever part part of. All of our members clash in Battle Arena and Shadow Arena duels to claim victory and climb the ladder and claim their No.1 Spot in Duel Academy. Read more about it here: DA League Season #17

Pro Decklists is one of those events where participation is optional. We seek to gather a large amount of Decklists, doesn't need to be Meta, what matters most is the decklist ability to be called a Pro Decklist. Staffers go through series of tests to make sure the Decklist you provide/provided is something that should be shared with our entire community, as a Pro Decklist! Learn more here:Pro Decklists Season 3 Information.

Our Ranking System is quite simple and easy to follow. All you need to do - basically - is prove yourself worthy of high-level dorms, such as Obelisk Blue. Most likely you'll end up either in Slifer Red or Ra yellow, but no human can reach the peak on his first day. If you have read our Guide this should be easy. Read more about It here: Ranking System Information.You could also take another quick look at our user guide: Starter Guide Here!

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