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About us:
Duel Academy is an online community dedicated to helping you participate in countless tournaments, improve all areas of your card game skills. Not to mention we have a fun and welcoming community. Duel Academy was created back in 2009, It's the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Academy to ever be created, we're also Ranked No.1 on Forumotion's Art and Culture Category/Yu-Gi-Oh! Category - that alone should tell you something about us. Duel Academy is a small community focused around gathering skilled players, and having fun in general. We'll be delighted by your presence in our forum!
Alikaey's YouTube Channel:
Alikaey is YugiTuber, as referred to by many. He consistently uploads new videos to his channel, using a variety of combos and strategies that should intrigue your attention! Tune-in and subscribe to his channel for more awesome content.
Just like everybody else, Alikaey started as a Slifer Red in Duel Academy. After gradually improving and honing his skills, he managed to reach Obelisk Blue, only to be promoted to a Moderator. That didn't satisfy him enough though, so he set his sight on sharing his knowledge with others. And even though he departed our Staff team, he is still a valuable asset to our Obelisk squad.
Click here to visit Alikaey's Channel!
Staff Positions Available:
Hello there, friends. Duel Academy is looking for decent Staff members to fill the roles of Assistants, Moderators, and Chat-Moderators. We have no set limit to how many we require. We'll be giving out trials for whoever apply for the job that meets the minimum requirements for the job. Note, you must send all of your applications to me. Click here to Apply!
Introduction: Are you new to our community? Perhaps you should introduce yourself then! Introducing yourself is important so everyone can get to know the real you. Click here!
Support Desk: If you're facing a difficulty with out forum make sure you let us know! Check the support desk section, and make a topic discriminating your problem. Click here
Suggestions: If you have an idea on how to improve our forum's look or activity, please share your thoughts with us, we'll be delighted to hear you out! Click here!
Announcements: One way to keep yourself updated is by regularly checking our announcements section; make sure you keep up with us, we tend to be creative! Click here!
Duel Academy Guide:
It's important you read our Guide so you avoid getting yourself in troubles. It's organized and won't take you more than 15 minute to read all of it. The next thing you'd face if you haven't read the guide is a big giant yelling 'Thou shan't pass!", Joke, really though, read the guide! Click here!
Battle Arena:
Dueling is an essential thing here. We live, eat, duel, and duel again! Challenge others in a Battle Arena duel and earn Duel Points! For more information Click here!
Pro Decklists:
Do you have an original Decklist you wish for everyone to acknowledge?Participate in our monthly pro decklists tournament and prove to everyone your deck's worth! For more information Click here!
Shadow Arena:
If you're not satisfied with Battle Arena small DP rewards, why don't you steal people's souls in exchange for DP instead! Be careful though, shadows can backfire at you. For more information Click here!
Tournaments Schedule:
We make sure to schedule all of our tournaments at least a month ahead, so everyone can prepare for them. For more information Click here!
Art Department:
Art is love, art is life! If you're interested in GFX, and making tags, you absolutely should share your talent with everyone else here. For more information Click here!
Dice Games:
If you're a fan of Dice Games then you've come to the right place. We got tons of Dice Games that you could enjoy. Make sure you read the rules first thought! For more information Click here!
Are you one of these guys always wanting to compete in a competitive events? Why don't you give our Tournaments a try! Click here!
Pro Decklist(s)Gallery:
If you win a Pro Decklist Tournament, your decklist will go into our gallery! Neat isn't it. For more information Click here!