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An Arc Swinging to Victory

At the North America World Championship Qualifier, Walter Jule uses a deck that was thought to be near dead by the meta to get 2nd place. Pendulums show that they can swing into action and prove they can still be relevant. 

And since I've been...

True Archaeology

An older deck is back to reassert its dominance with a load roar. Jarred Randolph makes it 1st Place in ARG Circuit Boston using True King Dinosaurs. 

An old strategy, True King Dinosaurs makes use of the smaller "Babycerasaurus" and "Petiteranodon"...

Look to the Clouds

So while this event is before the banlist, that's just another reason to be amazed by the fact that this deck has topped. Getting into the top 8 is Mekk-Knight Weather Painters at Lubbock, Texas

So in order to explain the techs, I guess I have to explain the deck a bit to all of you; Weather Painters are cards from an archetype revolving around columns, coming...

Monarchs to Rule Once Again

Ever wondered how to make Domain Monarchs work at least a fraction of what they used to back in their prime? Well, Milan Taipe hits top 4 in Nicaragua with Domain Monarchs with what might normally be questionable techs.

This deck questions things you might think you know about Monarchs as a deck (especially after they hit everything), as you wonder why certain things are there, or how...

Save The Day!

In Spain, an old warrior arrives, and to save the day for this guy. Getting 20th place, Kevin Garcia is rescued by none other than HEROes.

An old favorite comes back to the surface. This HERO build takes advantage of "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights" by using the newer justice-bringer...

Wrestle Your Problems

I remember when Gouki were first released; I really liked using the Metalfoes build for sure, but ever since FLOD, they've definitely been climbing ranks, and able to claim events. What happened in the OCG is now immediately effective in the TCG. In Las Vegas, Anthony Gausepohl gets a resounding 1st place, which as a Gouki player myself, I really appreciate. 

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