Welcome to Duel Academy's Tournaments Schedule Page. Here you'll be able to learn when each of our Tournaments is going to start, so you could prepare yourself for it prior in time. If you have any questions feel free to PM any of our staffers. The list will be updated occasionally.

We try our best to make sure everything goes exactly as scheduled. Sometimes we slip the date by a day or something, but nothing big. Scheduling Tournaments is a new experience for us after all - we started scheduling tournaments during September 2014. For 6 years thus far, we've been hosting Tournaments on the run; however, we figured it would be much easier to just schedule tournaments and then host them when their time comes.

Since this is a new experience for us, we won't be scheduling any of our YCS or Regional Tournaments/Championships because we host those whenever we get enough active members - usually around big holidays or during summer once everyone is finished with their school or their college semester. Regardless, we'll try to make an announcement to inform everyone in our community when we plan to host one of these

Tournament Date Max-Participants
Rookie Tournament 1st of each month 16-participant
Intermediate Tournament 11th of each month 32-participant
Advanced Tournament 21st of each month 64-participant

Note: Only the "regular" Tournaments are scheduled. Other unique Tournaments either have their own schedule or hosted on the run.

Once a year, Duel Academy host a World Championship Tournament, where a specific amount of qualified players compete against each other for the title of World Champion! During the year there is going to be Qualifier Tournaments where Top 2 of each of those will be qualified for worlds.

For our fellow competitors: participating in a Worlds Qualifier Tournament is something you wouldn't want to miss. Even though our community isn't large in number; however, competing against others isn't any less fun. Doesn't matter If you're playing up against a 100 or a 1000, winning The World Championship event is something honorable for our community, and your name will never be forgotten among our veteran members. Therefor, we ask for your commitment for the event - if you decided to participate. The last thing we want, for such an important event is to have to DQ someone for inactivity.

Tournament Date Max-Participants Winner
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #1 October.1st.2014 32-participant psychoturtle + Justin Rex
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #2 November.1st.2014 32-participant Occupiedfall + Jv1391
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #3 December.1st.2014 32-participant PowerNova + s{EX} Mago
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #4 January.1st.2015 32-participant Atlus + Wondery
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #5 February.1st.2015 32-participant TBA
Worlds Qualifier Tournament #6 March.1st.2015 32-participant TBA

Note: We'll only schedule Tournaments 6 months ahead in time, just to be safe and not fall for the unknown future

World Championships 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
2014 World Championship psychoturtle Nuran Phoenix Wright Faervel Train Hardnett

Depending on our total number of players during each Worlds Qualifier Tournament, we'll decide how many of those we're going to host. Thus far, the plan goes by hosting minimum 6 of those. However, If we noticed people are still increasing in number we're up to host much more, maximum of 12 Worlds Qualifier Tournament. This means there is 12 guaranteed spot for Worlds, and other not-so-guaranteed spots for Worlds. Therefor, you should consider winning the early 6 If you're planning on going to Worlds.

Winning World Championship will reward you with many things: our member's respect; tons of Duel Points; Special-designed Rank by a Professional Graphics Designer; Customized profile and posting-message customized background, and most importantly you'd have proven yourself to the entire community. Not mentioning It's absolutely cool to mention that you've on a "World Cup" somewhere on the internet, no?

If you have any question feel free to post in our Support Section. Note: We've received few reports saying whenever you click on DA's Guide you are redirected to the Tournaments Schedule page, If so, please Click here to get back to DA's Guide: DA's Guide. This issue has only happened thus far with Google Chrome users.