How to change the colour of the eyes with photoshop (red,blue...anything)

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How to change the colour of the eyes with photoshop (red,blue...anything)

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:54 am

Normal Pic:

Edited Pic:

First step: We open a pic with Adobe Photoshop.
step: We chose the color that will be applied on the pic from the first
step and the color of the eyes that will have the person from our pic.
Like a example, in this tutorial i selected the blue color #5cc0f9 .

step: At this step we will use the tool that will help us with the eff.
The tool it's called Color Replacement Tool and it mustl be selected on
the color

Last step: With the Color Replacement Tool we will apply the color selected above (blue) on our pic.
To apply the color much better you can zoom into the pic by pressing the ALT key and then we move the scrool of the mous up.

We will apply the same step to the other eye. I insist to zoom it as much as you can in the case you do some mistakes.

That was really hard to write.....



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