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Lottery of the Forbidden One Rules and Information

on Wed May 16, 2012 11:25 pm

Rules and Information

Lottery of the Forbidden One is a new kind of Lottery where you challenge your luck in collecting all pieces of Exodia! It is pretty easy to play. All you have to follow when its played, post your Dice Roll and wait for the results.


1. Lottery is held every once in a while. Exact dates are not known. It is up to you to follow what is going on in Duel Academy.

2. Each Lottery round will have separate topic in this sub-forum where you Roll your dices.

3. The end of Lottery round is when a member gets all pieces of Exodia together.

4. The member that collected all pieces of Exodia gets a reward of 500 DP.

5. Staff members can also play the Lottery.

6. Reward and Rolling rules can be altered for some rounds but if so, it will be specifically announced for those rounds.

7. You can participate as many times as you want but you cannot roll the dice multiple times in a row. This means you must wait for someone else to roll the dice and then you can roll again.

8. Do not roll multiple dices (the "+" sign next to number of rolls, do not click it). This is important and you can get punishments if you use it, so please pay attention and follow the steps to roll a dice carefully.

How to Roll a Dice and participate in the Lottery of the Forbidden One

1. Go to the active Lottery of the Forbidden One topic (unlocked one) located in this sub-forum:

2. Open up posting full reply page by clicking corresponding reply button. (Usually it is called "Post Reply", "Topic Reply" or "New Reply" button. Quick Reply that you see below posts will not be able to roll a dice.)

3. Scroll down below "Preview" "Draft" and "Send" buttons and you will see "Dice Roll" module.

4. In that module you will see "Dice roll #1". In the combobox next to it there are many options you can choose. Choose "Exodia Summon".

5. Next thing you will notice is "Dice rolls" and a number 1 next to it. It represents how many times you will roll the dice. You need to make it 7. If you put any other number your input will be invalid and you cannot get any rewards no matter what the outcome is.

6. If you did everything correct, your Dice Roll should look like this:

7. Write something in the reply and post it.

8. After you post, our "Dice Jar" staff pet will post your dice result. Dice Jar has no feelings so it will never post subjective results, everyone will be treated the same.

Note: If you are confused with the term Dice Roll, don't try to connect pieces of Exodia with dices, you will get a headache. Forumotion wanted to call it dice roll as universal name for this feature and we have to deal with it.

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