Dice Jar's Roulette Rules and Information

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Dice Jar's Roulette Rules and Information

Post by Amy Kool on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:21 pm

Dice Jar's Roulette

Hello members of Duel Academy. I am a celebrity but if you for some random reason did not hear about me (in that case I feel very sorry for you), my name is Dice Jar and I am just awesome. My job here is to roll myself and entertain you mortals with some children's card game called yugimonz. My hobby is to watch trolls trying to get top poster status while I can do that in less than one day. Since I am so famous, it was just a matter of time when people with powers will make a game where I take the main role and troll you even more. As you may have heard my game is called Dice Jar's Roulette. It's pretty much like Russian roulette but of course instead of guns we go yugimonz... Lame, but what can I do, its Duel Academy after all, not Russia.

Lets get to the gameplay. The game is not complicated because I am just a Dice Jar and I got no Amy's brain.


Both players start with 8000 Life Points. Both players roll a six-sided die once. The player with the lowest result takes damage equal to their opponent's result x 500 Life Points. However, if a winner's result is 6, the loser takes 6000 points of damage. If the results are the same, both players roll again. Then the cycle repeats until one of you has no life points left.

How to play

1. You create a topic in this sub-forum where you challenge an opponent and wait for someone to reply.

2. The opponent who wants to accept your challenge replies in your topic with rolling a dice.

3. To roll a dice you click on "New Reply" button. Via Quick reply you cannot roll a dice! Then you scroll down to "Dice Roll" where dices are located. From the Drop down choose "Six-Sided Dice" and do not edit number "1" next to it. If you did everything correct your Dice Roll module should look like this:

4. You must write down your LP when rolling the dice so both players can keep clean records of their LP.

5. After both players rolled the dice, they compare and loser takes damage.

6. Then it goes in cycle till one of you has no more life points. Don't forget to write down each time how much LP you have left.

Additional Infos

You can bet your DP for this game. If you wish to bet, make an offer within your starting post. You can make your own bet rules but make sure you write them down before the game.

This is meant just for fun and you can play as much as you want. However to keep spam to minimum we advice you not to create multiple topics for challenges. Finish one and then create another.
Enjoy the game!

Amy Kool

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