My Exodia Deck (Legal)

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My Exodia Deck (Legal)

Post by Magna Deum on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:13 pm

Normal Monsters

x1 Left Arm of the Forbidden one

x1 Right Arm of the Forbidden one

x1 Left Leg of the Forbidden one

x1 Right Leg of the Forbidden one

Effect Monsters

x1 Exodia the Forbidden one

x3 Destiny HERO - Defender

x2 Spirit Reaper

Spell Cards

x2 Level Limit - Area B

x2 Pot of Duality

x1 Reload

x3 One Day of Peace

x3 Hand Destruction

x3 Dark World Dealing

x1 Allure of Darkness

x3 Upstart Goblin

x3 Magical Mallet

Trap Cards

x2 Dark Bribe

x1 Solemn Judgment

x3 Appropriate (Main Engine of this deck)

Please comment and rate! If you think you can adjust it, please do! I'm free to everyone's opinion :D.

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