Yugioh Championship Series - Duel Academy
Season 4

Judgment Dragon's T.G. Drain

Today I'll be sharing with you the deck Judgment Dragon has chosen to use for DA YCS season 4. It's an anti-metaish deck featuring the T.G. monsters and Skill Drain and it has gotten him so far a 4-2 record that just may land him in the Top 16!

JD decided to play the deck for the very reason that it wasn't a popular choice and he wanted to see how far he could take T.G.'s in a competitive setting. His deck's consistency has been it's strong point. He runs very few monsters, but because they can search each other out, he only needs a couple monsters in the starting hand. Then, the rest of his hand can be all spell and trap cards to help him control the flow of the duel.

One of JD's favorite combos for the deck involves flipping Skill Drain when Beast King Barbaros is attacked and using Horn of the Phantom Beast during the damage step. Another, slightly more difficult to pull off, favorite of his is to get a hand of T.G. Striker and 2 copies of T.G. Warwolf while his opponent has a powerful monster. He can then summon all the monsters in his hand, and sync Striker to a Warwolf for T.G. Wonder Magician, allowing him to destroy a spell or trap. Wonder Magician can then sync with the remaining Warwolf for Scrap Dragon and take down the opponent's monster. This plants a big beatstick on JD's field while taking out 2 of his opponent's cards for a net -1 card advantage but a +3 field advantage.

JD's main weapon against the meta is Skill Drain, and it is what allows his deck to be competitive. He worries that he may have a harder time against decks like Dark World, where Skill Drain is not effective, but against the majority of meta decks he should have an advantage. It's entirely possible to consistently get Skill Drain, because his deck does a great job of searching out cards and thinning the deck to improve consistency, and even if he doesn't get Skill Drain he will still have a giant arsenal of spells and traps ready to help him defend or attack. His deck's cards also allow him to make great use of bluffs if he needs to stall, since an opponent is going to be wary of attacking a face-up Beast-type monster or Barbaros if he has a face-down that could be Horn or Skill Drain.

So that's Judgment Dragon's T.G. Drain deck! I hope you all enjoyed this Featured Deck Article!


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