Duel Academy's Quiz Rules & Information

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Duel Academy's Quiz Rules & Information

Post by Amy Kool on Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:37 pm

 Duel Academy's Quiz Rules & Information!

Concept is pretty simple. On the menu widget, right side of the forum, there is "Quiz" option to choose from. You click on it and the awesome quiz pops up. Make sure your browser does not block pop ups. You read the question, give an answer and click on "Send" button.

So what is the purpose of this Quiz and what do you get from it? You have fun, check your skills, either with "let me google that for you" or with knowledge you got, and of course earn some DP.

Questions in this quiz are not specifically themed, like Guess that Card, Guess that Character or Duel Scenarios are. This is general quiz, where any type of question can be given to you.

Answers will be stored in this topic and staff will check them. Member who gives the correct answer first gets the reward in means of DP.

Amount of DP will be written in the quiz so you know what you can get from it and is it worth for you or not. When the question(s) are answered the quiz continues with the new ones and keeps rewarding the fastest ones who know the answer.

Amy Kool

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