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descriptionLooking For Synchros and Gustos EmptyLooking For Synchros and Gustos

Before I list the cards I want, let me just say a few things.

-I don't really care if the card is in mint condition or not. A few bends are OK. I just don't want the card destroyed.
-I will trade multiple cards for one card and vice versa.
-Rarity of the card doesn't really matter to me. Commons are perfectly fine, although most of these don't have common versions anyways Razz

Now that that's out of the way, here are the cards I'm looking for:

Priority Wants

Stardust Dragon
Caam, Serenity of Gusto (I'd love to have 2 but 1 is fine)
Ultimate Axon Kicker
Star Eater
Emergency Teleport

High Wants

Ally of Justice Catastor
Scrap Dragon
Dimensional Prison

Medium Wants

Black Rose Dragon
Dark Bribe
Lightning Chidori
Totem Bird
Underworld Fighting Balmung

Low Wants

Scrap Archfiend
HTS Psyhemuth

Now then, I'll list the cards I have up for trade. Keep in mind that these are all rares or higher and that I do have commons for trade, although I doubt anyone is interested in them.
Anyways, here are the cards I have up for trade:

Armed Dragon LV7 (Ultra Rare)
Armed Dragon LV10 (Ultra Rare)
Dark Armed Dragon (Super Rare, Limited Edition)
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Ultra Rare, First Edition)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Super Rare)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Secret Rare)
Sorcerer of Dark Magic (1st Edition, Super Rare)
Light End Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Solemn Judgment (Secret Rare)
Dark Hole (Secret Rare)
Elemental Hero Great Tornado (Ultra Rare)
Elemental Hero Bubbleman (Super Rare)
Super Polymerization (Rare)
Parallel World Fusion (Ultra Rare)
Cyber End Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Cyber End Dragon (Secret Rare)
Cyber End Dragon (Secret Rare, Alternate Art)
Cyber Dragon (Super Rare)
Cyber Larva (Ultra Rare, Limited Edition)
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms (Ultra Rare, Limited Edition)
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder (Ultra Rare, Limited Edition)
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames (Ultra Rare, Limited Edition)
Five Headed Dragon (Ultra Rare, Limited Edition)
Morphing Jar (Ultra Rare, 1st Edition)
Morphing Jar #2 (Super Rare, 1st Edition)
Trap Hole (Ultra Rare, 1st Edition)
Stronghold The Moving Fortress (Ultra Rare, 1st Edition)
Test Tiger (Secret Rare)
Super Conductor Tyranno (Mosaic Rare)
Relinquished (Rare)

So... Yeah, I guess I'm done. Don't have much else to say.

Looking For Synchros and Gustos Drdemo12

descriptionLooking For Synchros and Gustos EmptyDefault Title

i got a caam in perfect condition 
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