Aster Phoenix - Dragon Deck

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Aster Phoenix - Dragon Deck

Post by Aster Phoenix [D] on Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:16 pm

Monsters: [23]

Cyberdark Edge [3x]
Cyberdark Keel [3x]
Cyberdark Horn [3x]
Infernal Dragon [2x]
Spear Dragon [2x]
Exploder Dragon [1x]
Gravi-Crush Dragon [1x]
The White Stone Of Legend [2x]
Blue-Eyes White Dragon [1x]
Red-Eyes B. Chick [1x]
Red-Eyes B. Dragon [1x]
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon [1x]
Red-Eyes Wyvern [1x]
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon [1x]

Spells: [9]

Polymerization [2x]
Stamping Destuction [2x]
Future Fusion [1x]
Cyberdark Impact [1x]
Dragon's Gunfire [1x]
Dragon's Mirror [1x]
A Wingbeat Of Giant Dragon [1x]

Traps: [8]

The Dragon's Bead [1x]
Dragon's Rage [1x]
Call Of The Haunted [1x]
Call Of The Earthbound [1x]
Negate Attack [1x]
Dust Tornado [1x]
Mirror Force [1x]
Cyber Shadow Gardna [1x]

Fusion Deck: [11]

Cyberdark Dragon [1x]
Five-Headed Dragon [1x]
Black Rose Dragon [1x]
Dark End Dragon [1x]
Exploder Dragonwing [1x]
Iron Chain Dragon [1x]
Light End Dragon [1x]
Stardust Dragon [1x]
Chimeratech Overdragon [1x]
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon [1x]

Side Deck: [4]

The Flute Of Summoning Dragon [1x]
Lord Of D. [1x]
Cyber Dragon [1x]
Rainbow Dark Dragon [1x]

Aster Phoenix [D]

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Re: Aster Phoenix - Dragon Deck

Post by sangoshen on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:32 pm

how can u only use 1 metal darkness and 1 wyvern......i think this is more like a cyber dark deck more than a dragon deck....

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Re: Aster Phoenix - Dragon Deck

Post by Kira Amadeus on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:41 pm

this shows your not in good in making decks look at some decks or search on google couse your deck isn't good at all you need to redo it from top to bottom

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Re: Aster Phoenix - Dragon Deck

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