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Rankings & Scores

Post by Anzo on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:48 pm

Rankings and Scores

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{"PowerNova": {"rank":1}, "vequest": {"rank":0}, "kyosuke kiryu": {"rank":2}, "jackk_of_bladesII": {"rank":0}, "PunkPimster": {"rank":0}, "robyschlager": {"rank":1}, "WondeRy": {"rank":2}, "Tioners":{"rank":0}, "Yusif": {"rank":0}, "DarkestDays": {"rank":0}, "KingOfArmageddon": {"rank":0}, "KingDeeJay": {"rank":0}, "xenoburn": {"rank":0}, "username290": {"rank":0}, "baaaaanz": {"rank":0}, "MetaphysHunter": {"rank":0}, "Mr. Popo": {"rank":0}, "Staxx": {"rank":0}, "JustFusion": {"rank":0}, "PaNiCMaKeRz": {"rank":2}, "riot1man": {"rank":0}, "bika3578": {"rank":0}, "Cherilyn1977": {"rank":0}}

{ "matches": [{"winner": "PowerNova", "loser": "vequest"}, {"winner": "kyosuke kiryu", "loser": "PowerNova"}, {"winner": "WondeRy", "loser": "Tioners"}, {"winner": "Tioners", "loser": "Yusif"}, {"winner": "DarkestDays", "loser": "KingOfArmageddon"}, {"winner": "robyschlager", "loser": "PunkPimster"}, {"winner": "PunkPimster", "loser": "jackk_of_bladesII"}, {"winner": "jackk_of_bladesII", "loser": "PunkPimster"}, {"winner": "KingDeeJay", "loser": "xenoburn"}, {"winner": "username290", "loser": "baaaaanz"}, {"winner": "MetaphysHunter", "loser": "Mr. Popo"}, {"winner": "MetaphysHunter", "loser": "username290"}, {"winner": "MetaphysHunter", "loser": "Staxx"}, {"winner": "Mr. Popo", "loser": "MetaphysHunter"}, {"winner": "Mr. Popo", "loser": "JustFusion"}, {"winner": "JustFusion", "loser": "Mr. Popo"}, {"winner": "PaNiCMaKeRz", "loser": "riot1man"}, {"winner": "PaNiCMaKeRz", "loser": "bika3578"}, {"winner": "PaNiCMaKeRz", "loser": "Cherilyn1977"}]}

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