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description[ACD] "CC" Series Cards

CC One-Eyed Past Eye


If this card is used as a Fusion Material Monster, the other Fusion Material Monster(s) cannot be on your side of the field.

CCC Water Sword the Embodiment of Valiant Fused Arms

"CC One-Eyed Past Eye" + 1 WATER monster
If this card declares an attack: It gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all other WATER monsters currently on the field.

Montage Fusion

Once per turn, if each player controls 1 or more Fusion Material Monsters listed on a Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck: You can Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that lists those monsters as Fusion Material Monsters, using only monsters you control as Fusion Materials. Destroy it during the End Phase.

descriptionRe: [ACD] "CC" Series Cards

Seeing these cards out of the contest makes them look weak. Unless there is cards or legit arch-types to support them I don't see why would anyone use any of these.

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Well i'd imagine there would be more than just a water attribute CCC monster, like a light CCC, or earth? Just have one for every kind of attribute, now does that still seem pretty weak?

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descriptionRe: [ACD] "CC" Series Cards

Yes, As I saw the main goal it's to have all the attributes.

descriptionRe: [ACD] "CC" Series Cards

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