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descriptionAdvance Duel Puzzle #1

You Must download the file and put it into the SINGLE folder of Ygopro\Devpro.


Advanced have too many cards and is too long to explain for that reason you can do it only via software.

Your Opponent Has 15000 LP. You have 100LP.

Win this turn or lose the duel.

Prize 300DP.

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

I know this one :D
this one is easy

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

Great Elder One - angurii dueringu naado

You should post your solution nothing else xD

descriptionDefault Title

I don't like being called elder Sad
makes me feel you know.... OLD!!!!

But here we go:

First activate windstorm of etaqua.

now for second chain:

activate all 3 good goblin house keeping then chain the third one with emergency provisions
and send all 3 good goblin housekeeping to the grave, now when sent to the graveyard, chain link 5 with double cyclone destroying your emergency provisions and the face-up trap your opponent has.

now you gain 3000 lp and and get to draw 4 cards with each good goblin housekeeping:

when you draw the first 4 cards

place mericals wake to the bottom:

on the second 4 cards you draw place starlight road to bottom:

on the last 4 cards you draw, place 1 scroll of bewitchment to the bottom.


discard pleaguespreader zombie to the graveyard to special summon the tricky

summon pleague from the grave by setting road synchron to the top of the deck.

since you summoned  monster from the graveyard, special summon dopple warrior from your hand

now synchro summon black rose dragon.

then normal summon junk synchron, then use junk synchrons effect to special summon speed warrior from your graveyard.

now synchro summon ancient fairy dragon.

now use doppel warriors effect to summon 2 lv 1 tokens.

activate double summon, and tribute 1 token to normal summon salvage warrior.

with salvage warriors effect summon nitro synchron from your graveyard.

use salvage, token, and nitro to synchro summon red dragon archfiend.

now activate stardust shimmer and target black winged dragon in your graveyard.

then due to shimmer banish junk synchron and salvage warrior

activate 1 of your star blasts and pay 3000 LP to decrease black rose dragon to a lv 1

activate synchro change and banish ancient fairy dragon to summon powertool dragon from your extra deck.

activate iron call now to summon turbo synchron.

now synchro summon life stream dragon with powertool dragon and turbo synchron

activate life stream dragons effect to make your LP 4000

now activate your other starblast to pay 3500 lp to make iether black winged dragon or red dragon archfiend to a LV 1

activate burial from a different dimension to put acient fairy and 2 other monsters of your choice to the graveyard from the banished zone.

then activate 1 of your renesance device to target the DARK monster you decreased to lv 1 and
the other DARK monster so that the other dark monster becomes LV 1

then activate monster reborn to bring back ancient fairy dragon.

now activate your only scroll of bewitchment and equip it to ancient fairy to change it to a dark monster and then activate your last renesance device to target iether one of your 2 dark monsters
and ancient fairy dragon to make it a lv 1 monster.

now for the moment we have been waiting for:

since life stream dragon is a tuner monster, you tune:
LV 8 life stream dragon
LV 1 Black -winged dragon
LV 1 Black rose dragon
LV 1 Red dragon archfiend (and)
LV 1 Ancient fairy dragon
Shooting Quasar Dragon

now enter your Battle Phase, and before you attack activate defenders intersect

and now all your opponents monster in attack possition

and Quasar can attack 4 times

you attack his 4 timelords that have 0 attack and win the duel for 16000 damage (700 damage overkill)


attack 3 of his time lords that have 0 attack and then attack the 4000 attack time lord then when quasar leaves the field activate its effect to summon shooting star dragon from your extra deck and attack his last time lord that has 0 attack and win by dealing 15300 damage

and screen shot of awesomeness:

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

Great Elder One - angurii dueringu naado lockedt

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

where is my DP?

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

Just a second im outdoors. When you see the topic closed you surely will have the DP

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

Locked and awarded.

descriptionRe: Advance Duel Puzzle #1

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