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Update: GFX/Deck Shops

on Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:50 pm
Hello there folks. We believe it's time for us to pay attention to that part of DA where you can put those Duel Points you earn in a good use.

Up until now, we had the 'Special Shops' in the Market Square forum. You could buy a deck/gfx shop and sell/buy whatever you need.

Part of our plan to emphasize that part of DA is to make it more organized. Hence, we made 2 new sections: GFX Shops + Deck Shops.

For some this isn't a big change, it won't change their daily experience in DA. However, for those people whom having troubles navigating the forum this should make it a tad easier.

You can open your own shop in either of these sections once you buy the 'Shops' item from the Central Shop, found here:

or you could buy decks and artworks from other people's shops.

Also, we'll update the Central Shop with more things that you could buy aside from the 5 items that we already have.

The 2 new sections can be found here:

Note, that we'll remove the 'Special Shops' forum and archive it. If you're a shop owner and you'd like to open your shop again, or you'd like for your shop to remain, then please go to Special Shops and search for your topic, then post a link of your shop in this thread so a Mod move it to the new sections before we archive everything.

You can find the Special Shops forum here:

We'll remove the Special Shops forum within 24 hour, so make it quick.

That would be all.

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