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descriptionStrofades' Fauna

Strofades' Fauna by Jv1391

Format: TCG+OCG. TCG October 2014 Banlist.

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Analysis of the"Harpie" Core cards Combos.

Harpie Channeler: Can Special Summon Any "Harpie" card by discarting 1 card with "Harpie" in its name.

Harpie Dancer + Harpies' Hunting Ground + Harpie Queen: Dance can Normal summon herself or another WIND monster from your Hand, by its effect. It means you can Bounce 2 cards in combo with Hunting Ground.
Harpie Queen can discard herlself, to add "Hunting Ground" from the Deck to you Hand.

Hysteric Sign  and Hysteric Party: You can discard it by Histeric Party or destroy it by "Hunting Ground" and if you do, During the end phase you can add UP To 3 cards with "Harpie" in their names but different names in to you hand from the Deck.
Hysteric Party, by discarting a card can Special Summon as many as possible number of "Harpie Lady" monsters from your graveyard.

Harpie's Dragon + Cyber Harpie: Can be special summoned by Channeler, to Xyz Summon a Rank 7 monster. 
Cyber Harpie is the Vanilla of the Deck.

The rest of the cards are common and used in other Decks. So no explanation Needed.

descriptionRe: Strofades' Fauna

Nice deck, man!
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