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Inter-Academies Tour. Round 1!


descriptionInter-Academies Tour. Round 1!

First topic message reminder :

Hello there! I am your host LOKOS, and I will gladly welcome you to the Very First:
Inter-Academies Tournament!

This Tournament will take place among 5 other academies, for 6 is the total number of participating academies. This idea was originally presented by DA to other academies, however, GDA had a great part in gather the remaining academies to make this tournament come to life. This is absolutely won't be the only thing to be done between more than 1 academy, this is certainly something that we could do more often do bond our connections with the other online communities.

The Rules:
- All players from all 6 academies will be put in a bracket where they play against each other in a random pairings. Knowing we got 6 participating academies, that makes it a total of 24 participant.

- To make this easier to host, we'll make it a single-elimination bracket. Whoever loses is out of the event. Also, we'll be using Challonge.com since it provides a decent brackets options.

- The brackets are going to be ABSOLUTELY random, meaning, you could end up dueling someone from your OWN academy. At the end, only the winners advances to the next round and so on.

- Rules are going to be simple as well: TCG-only Latest Banlist. Any DC during a duel is judged as a game loss unless there is a CLEAR evidence ON THE FIELD that you can WIN the duel during your next turn. Any use of illegal cards is counted as a round loss, and the member have to switch that card before resuming for the next round using cards from his side deck in the side screen.

- Screenshots are required in case of duel result confirmation issues.

- The hosts of each academy (me) must make sure players can communicate to one another. The host must consistently contact other academies to assure the event works smoothly.

- It's preferable that during the event in case of a trouble arose to contact me personally by PM. Just to keep this topic clean.

- Deck restrictions: The Decks will be post SECE (Secrets of Eternity) TCG only. No Exodia, Stall, Burn, Draw Out, FTK.

- Deck changing and editing after Matches is forbidden. Decklists must be sent to me via PM and Siding screenshots must be made during the match, ant sent to me via PM too.

The Participants:
Spoiler :

DN name/Academy/Academy name.

1. Ailo296/AKA/Taby296
2. Gabriel_Fairfox/AKA/JessicaFx
3. {Oblivion}Wulfen/AKA/Freddy Fazbear
4. (Fairy tail) Rare/AKA/Rare
5. Arthas!/NA/KING_ATLAS
7. Drewzer44/NA/Drewzer44
8. ! ! ! ! ! ! !Lucifer/NA/supdesup
9. (TPB)DarkAngel/GDA/Dark angel
10. Reessiel/GDA/Reessiel
11. YgoBeast247/GDA/Stellarknight Delteros
12. ishaan300/GDA/Injustice_Batman
13. LiynPride/VDA/LiynPride
14. sasuke2320/VDA/Pasta boy for breakfast
15. topdeckedJD0_0/VDA/The Maiden Slayer Wink
16. Down in Flames/VDA/Ephemeral
17. {Oblivion} Eren/SDA/{Oblivion} Eren
18. Fiendish Synchro/SDA/Scyl
19. Neonhero14/SDA/Majestic-xX
20. Dolphinbot/SDA/@Dolphinbot16
21. Atlus/DA/Atlus
22. ! ! ! ! ! ! Aladeen!/DA/psychoturtle
23. Navitas/DA/Roach
24. Jv18/DA/Jv1391

AKA=Alpha Knight Academy
NA= North Academy
GDA= Gladiator Duel Academy
VDA= Vylon Dueling Academy
SDA= Shura Duel Academy
DA= Duel Academy
Why am I posting these? Mainly just to make matches simpler. It is easier when you can find the opponent in his academy, and arrange the Duel. Of course you are not Obliged to Join the Academy, but believe me that will make everything easier.

Here we go! It is time to start the Round 1!
Bracket: http://challonge.com/IAT
Deadline: 9 days.
If a match, isn't done by the end of deadline, I will judge the activity, in worst case scenario I will have to flip a coin to decide the winner of the match.

Few notes: Bracket is made completely Randomly.
Don't be shy, try to look for your opponent not only via DN, but also trough their respective academies.
Remember this is a children card game Wink

And with that I wish you guys good luck!

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Spoiler :
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DA  is so bad then.

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DN could improve there whole system/site but BLS wont lol

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you mean DN?

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Yeah lol it corrected itself to DA

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