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descriptionLinux Distros

So I'm currently in the process of getting a new computer set up and I'm thinking of switching to a Linux system.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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descriptionRe: Linux Distros

I prefer Ubuntu Gnome, but I think Fedora and Linux Mint aren't bad ether. If you want to get everything as in all "codecs" grab Linux Mint's all codec download.

descriptionRe: Linux Distros

I won't recommend Linux, It lacks so many things.

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descriptionRe: Linux Distros

Linux is okay for everything exept for "popular" gaming. Yes you got to download codecs for some stuff, but that really is not hard to do and takes around 5 minutes to finish. Also Linux distros cant slow down like windows and you cant infect them with a virus, because there are like 50-60 viruses whom work on it. Any distro you pick it wont be a mistake DDS.

descriptionRe: Linux Distros

Ubunto is the most user friendly linux OS get it

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descriptionRe: Linux Distros

The three Luna recommends are: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and CentOS. Luna personally uses Ubuntu for personal use and CentOS for Schoolwork.

descriptionRe: Linux Distros

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