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Hello Smile

So I'm sure some of you are familiar with Dueling City, well, I aspire to build a community like that.

My name is Shurei Stymest and I am an unofficial tournament host in DNF who brings Red Lust Philanthropist tournaments alive along with my teammates.

For months, we've been hosting in the DNF tournament scene but now, our mindset is to host not only in DNF but also IN and FOR academies and this is where some of you can come in.

I have started the forum as an official hosting forum (I've talked to Anzo about this since I'll be asking DA to participate too) but I need 3 more things:

  • Ranks
  • Achievements
  • Rules

I would like to ask assistance from the graphics designers here as well as experienced moderators to help me coin up rules and do the remainder of the graphics since I would like to launch and start hosting tournaments for academies as soon as I can and unfortunately, the once in my team are not graphics oriented nor moderation oriented.

Please don't take this topic as a come off as a braggart or any negative of the sort, I would just like some help with starting the forum as soon as possible so we can improve the tournament scene not just in one but many academies Smile .

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I could help you with the rules, ideas and moderating and in far future maybe design n' coding (Currently learning both). May I ask if the website is going to support more than one platform (as in not only DN buy YGOPRO clients as well)?

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You should have PMed me this instead of posting it publicly, we never discuss anything regarding events or tournaments publicly, It's an extremely slow and unprofessional method to have things done.

I'll lock this topic and you can PM me the details either here or on DNF.

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