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Couldn't come up with better title.

This is basically "write a short story" game. I've been trying to learn more about typing short stories and I figured I could do this in DA with everyone else :>

Basically, everyone will have to write an appropriate short story in reply to the previous post short story. However, inappropriate, sexual, and racist phrases/sentences/words are NOT allowed. I'd like to keep this thread clean and spam-free zone.

You short story must be at least a solid paragraph, 3 to 7 lines minimum. And make sure you use solid form and appropriate English as well. This is a boring game for those who only want to get more posts or have nothing better to do, if you're one of those guys, then don't play please.

Your short story could be anything you want. You could create new characters, new scenes, and add events to your liking, also you can use any theme you want such as fiction, sci-phi, real-story etc.. I'll go first:

- Once upon a time; there were two friends living in a village in the far-east of 'Domikura' kingdom. Their names were Marcus and Maryus - you could easily mistake them for brothers at first glance, which they were not. At the age of 5 both young and ambitious lads noticed they could spark a fire if they stare at a piece of wood for more than 10 seconds. This intrigued their interested and they sought to discover more about this mysterious power they posses: is it good? is it evil? should they tell their parents? and all sort of questions arose in their heads as they were walking home after such a discovery only to be confused as they seem to have forgotten their way home. They kept walking for 2 hours until they finally reached a village but it wasn't theirs. They went to the town hall seeking refuge and guidance from the elders when they were interrupted by two giant stone soldiers guarding the entrance to the village: they were stunned at the scene and couldn't move a muscle right when an old man passing by told the guards to stand down as he couldn't help but see the fear in the two 5-year-old children. He gently grabbed them by the hand and took them with him to his house promising the two lads to accompany them to the town hall in the morning to provide them with the help they need.

-OK, someone pick it up from here :>

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Once the old man guided them to his house, he ordered them to close their eyes, he plunged his hand into the hearth picking up a peace of red-hot ingle. Hesetating a bit old man started pressing the red-hot ingle around their eyelids. Buys seamed not to feel any pain, after noticing this the old man picked up a water pot and splashed the boys with water. They started screaming in agony and opened their eyes.
Marcus and Maryus : That...that burns old man! 

Korrey: Now, calm down children I was just checking something. You should feel no pain anymore. Do you know what caused your eyes to hurt?

Marcus: You tossed ignis at our faces! Don't you know fire hurts people?

Korrey: And yet you are staring at me, I'm unburn and unhurt.

Maryus: What has that have to do with anything?

Korrey: Have you children already forgot?

Marcus and Maryus: About what?!?

Korrey: About what your eyes can do, about you two being escorted to the hall of defiying by The Inquisition? You don't remember me and my guards busting you two out, do you?

Marcus: Mom, I want to get back to my mom where is my mom (Starts crying)

Maryus: Mommyyyyyy (Starts Crying)

Korrey: They... are no longer here they left when you where took by The Inquisition, I promisse you guys will be with the again. Right now we have other things to worry about. (Hands them 2 pairs of glasses) Put these on, they will help you not burn my house down.

Maryus: (Smiling with tears in his eyes) You know where our parents are !?


Korrey: Not today, if you want to go back to them you have to do exactly as I say, got it?

Maryus and Marcus: (Sobing) Okay..

Korrey: Now put on those glasses or I wil get really mad if I wake up on a pile of ash instead of a bed.

To be continued...
(Yeah, it kinda sucks).

descriptionGame: Short Stories EmptyRe: Game: Short Stories

(Nah it's good, but I had to learn that the old man's name was Korrey when the conversation started)

As they put their newly-owned pair of glasses they sworn to never take it off in order not to hurt anyone who might cross their path. As the sun light broke through the shattered wooden windows in the morning, they woke up feeling fresh and ready to learn what the hell is going on. They accompanied the old man after he had promised to tell them everything once they reach the town hall. On their way, the two boys started to ask questions about where they are exactly and how did they end up crossing paths with The Inquisition to begin with. The old man proceeded and started to fill them in. "The Inquisition first saw you two boys when you were playing with your new powers in the woods, sparking fire in small pieces of wood to test your abilities", the old man continued "You were taken by them to fulfill two purposes: first to avoid using your powers and hurting normal people unconsciously, and second to test your power and see whether you're fitted to be Tan'Anin slayers". Marcus and Mayrus both weren't following what the old man was saying, and requested a further elaboration, that is when the old man, Korrey, insisted on waiting until they reach the town hall, where they'll come to learn everything. 

(P.S. Tan'Anin or "Tenen" means Dragons in Arabic)

Game: Short Stories YhjrjGb
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