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descriptionHelp a fellow TCG player!

So, Europe has this card game trading site called MKM that enables you to trade/sell cards to people.

As every expirienced card game player Tobias spoted the cards that are going to jump up the price, so he bought from one of MKM's clients the cards he knew he is going to profit from.

He sold them at higher cost and then MKM sent him a lawsuit, on how he is in advantage of their client because he is an individual and sued him for doing a thing all of in real life players do. Selling cards they do not need so they would get the ones they do.

Is it a silly thing to go to jail for? Yes it is. How can we help him? We could help him signing up a petition for the judge and the jury that proves them you can not play TCGs without trading and selling your cards.

Here is a reddit topic if you want to read it firsthand http://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/duplicates/37tqqa/how_selling_magic_cards_might_land_me_in_jail/ .

Here is the petition if you are way to lazy to read all that: https://www.change.org/p/tcgdiscount-buying-selling-and-speculating-on-magic-the-gathering-cards-is-an-essential-necessary-and-unexceptional-part-of-the-trading-card-game-magic-the-gathering-collections-get-expanded-and-improved-this-way .

Yes this is a MtG related topic, but why not help someone if you can? You play card games yourself, imagine this hapening to you? Would be a bitch would it not?

So please, keep your hate for yourself it is not needed nor welcome. If you want to sign the petition it only takes 30 secounds of your time, if not leave and forgot about ever reading this.

descriptionRe: Help a fellow TCG player!

I signed, transactions between players are a key part of any TCG.
Any attempt to undermine that doesn't sit right with me.

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descriptionRe: Help a fellow TCG player!

TCG = Trading Card Game. Also unless it clearly states in the T&C cards are not to sold at a higher price elsewhere then the lawsuit hasn't got a leg to stand on.

A petition will not help this cause in any way.

descriptionRe: Help a fellow TCG player!

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