[TCG] [DPBC] A Lot of ERRATA Confirmed

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[TCG] [DPBC] A Lot of ERRATA Confirmed

Post by Jv on Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:16 pm

All the ERRATA present in the OCG Version of the Duelist Pack: Battle City were also confirmed for the TCG. 

For example as I said, TOON monsters had on the OCG Version of the Duelist Pack Battle City Were also confirmed on TCG.

AS you can see these Examples:



So Unlike before now you must Tribute 1 Monster even if she becomes Level 4 in Hand.

I suggest to read all the cards of the BPDC 



OR to check this old Organization Topic, that was posted for the OCG version


The ONLY Difference between TCG and OCG is that Gemini Elf is Still Mandatory in TCG!

Also the extra 2 cards the TCG Version has are KURIBOH and HARPIE LADY. Yeah NO CED or DMOC.  #Cruel Konami



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