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descriptionSigns In Life

So this is a thread where you can talk about events that you took as a sign for you to do something, or just a sign in general about your life.

Recently, I was helping my friend decide a name for his character in guild wars 2 and I went to a random name generator, and this was one of the results tht I got


I took it as a sign that I should come to duel academy and spam anzo's inbox with requests to love me like he used to.

Anything else have any signs they have to share?
(I really don't give a fuck, just wanted an excuse to post this without being creepy so Im acting like this is a thread for all of you, but really I just care about my thing)

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descriptionRe: Signs In Life

wazzup Zeox

been a while

I just came back here recently myself

Personally my sign was ending up in a skype group with Lokos.....

descriptionRe: Signs In Life

I am the best Sign there is :>

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Spoiler :

Spoiler :
[16:09:38] @ Train Heartnet : sokol bribing people
[16:09:49] @ Salader : Yep
[16:09:53] @ Salader : We should bans him
[16:09:55] @ Salader : But
[16:09:59] @ Salader : We'll look the other way
[16:10:02] @ Salader : He is bribing us

Hidalgo™️ wrote:
LOKOS is like herpes,he's everywhere.

descriptionRe: Signs In Life

Well that is not creepy at all

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descriptionRe: Signs In Life

I bet he just missed you and wanted some nudes

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descriptionRe: Signs In Life

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