DuelAcademy.Net is NOT liable for any fraud or lost or stolen items taking place in this forum. What you do past the trade is not under our control.
We highly recommend you send your parcels Recorded Delivery and Insure them.

  • Do NOT take trades off-site!
    Do not post a thread linking to another site saying "lets do stuff here", what happens on those sites means shit here. Doing this will get you suspended. Please do not even link to other sites.

  • Save your PMs regarding trades:
    If a conflict comes up regarding a trade later on it is hard to help when you haven't saved your PMs that would ultimately help solve the problem. It is also a good idea to save them in case we believe you are ref scamming, I also highly recommend you get a PO receipt after sending.

  • Reputation has NOTHING to do with trading:
    The reputation displayed of each persons profile has nothing to do with  trading.

  • Condition:
    If an item is not mint, it's condition must be provided to the other trader.

  • Confirmation/Receiving:
    A person has only up to 7 business days to send out after confirmation/receiving.

Any problems contact @Roach and I will try to resolve them as soon as possible.