[CSS] Rank-Up-Magic The Closed Eight

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[CSS] Rank-Up-Magic The Closed Eight

Post by Jv on Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:15 pm

I took inspiration for this card from the fact that Originally Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL had three different episodes from 130 to 132.

In those three episodes a New Barian Should've appear: ALCO, The barian Observer! who had a card named "The Closed Eight".  (See below the card)

For some reason ZEXAL deleted and changed those episodes, but the written Preview was released:

Episode 130:  "The Clandestine Shadow - Alco the Barian Observer Appears" (暗躍の影 バリアンの観測者・アルコ現る)

Episode 131: "Time for the Decisive Battle! Massive Galactic Clash, Photon Dragon vs. Tachyon Dragon!" (雌雄を決する時!銀河大激突、フォトン・ドラゴンVSタキオン・ドラゴン!!)

Episode 132: "Galactic Outcry! Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Explosive Birth!" (銀河の咆哮!銀河眼の光子竜皇、爆誕!!)

Rank-Up-Magic - The Closed Eight




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