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Duel Academy World Championship 2015!

on Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:20 am
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Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to Duel Academy World Championship 2015!


Every year Duel Academy host World Championship in different manners, using different set of rules and matching system. In 2014 we started taking this more seriously, and used Groups Stage system to host the event. The World Championship is unique and should be treated that way. Winning a tournament is a great deal, it proves who is experienced and who is getting there. However, winning a World Championship proves who is the best, not only that, but it also proves who is interested in having the title of World Champion. This year, we went with a series of Qualifier Tournaments. The winners of each of those tournaments received an exclusive invitation to be part of the 2015 World Championship hosted here at Duel Academy. This method has been proven successful and also competitive at the same time.

For 6 months we hosted several World Championship Qualifiers (WCQ), and we got ourselves 12 out of the 16 participants for the World Championship through these qualifier tournaments. The remaining 4 participants were selected based on DA Circuit results and win ratios, and also while taking activity and interest in the community as a solid ground on who should be taking part in this.
The winners of these WCQ are the following members:

WCQ October: psychoturtle + Justin Rex

WCQ November: Occupiefall + Jv18

WCQ December: PowerNova + s{EX} Magician of Chaos

WCQ January: Atlus + WondeRy

WCQ February: UniqueHope + BTS

WCQ March: Bubbles + prelsav39

Now, when the time came to host the event: We contacted each of those winners and asked whether they were prepared to duke it out in the World Championship they so rightfully happen to earn a spot at; most of them failed to respond in time or simply didn't show enough interest in the tournament, so we had to improvise and pick other individuals based on our personal opinion as a concerned Staff team who really wants this event to be successful.
The current list of participants of the 2015 World Championship is as follows:

Train Heartnet

Keep in mind, some of those earned their spot by winning WCQ, others by topping DA Circuit, and others by simply being active and showing potential throughout the entire year by competing in various events and countless number of tournaments - we guarantee to you, that all of the participants above had earned their spot here, in one way or another; there is no pulling favours in this one.

Now without further ado, lets introduce you to the tournament rules. In This WC, we're going to use Konami World championship Banlist,  Here is a visual representation of the Worlds Banlist the same rules that applied to that tournament also apply to this one, the set cut is Before CORE TCG and no Exclusives (From everywhere, Including Manga & Duelist Pack: Battle City). This tournament will use 4 Swiss-Rounds to decide our top cut, where the top 4 will duel it out single elimination style until we have our World Champion!


1st Place: 25$ Amazon Gift Card + 20.000 Duel Points
2nd Place: 15.000 Duel Points + Free Custom Rank Title
3rd Place: 10.000 Duel Points
4th Place: 5.000 Duel Points

Swiss results

Elimination Brackets


1st place Jv

2nd place Train Heartnet

3rd place PowerNova

4th place faervel

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Re: Duel Academy World Championship 2015!

on Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:12 pm
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Re: Duel Academy World Championship 2015!

on Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:37 pm
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Re: Duel Academy World Championship 2015!

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