As soon as you enter, you can see how clean the room is. Aside from the occasional booster pack wrapping waiting to be picked up, the floor is free of anything besides the furnishings. Not so neat, but still kept contained, the bed sheets were only barely tidied up, showing the rolling around its owner does while sleeping. Hanged on the wall are a few various framed cards and posters, and on the desk are several deckboxes and cards, assorted into a neat pile. Of course, the room being a slifer room, it's not the most luxurious. The desk is protected during rainstorms by a shield of umbrellas, due to the leaks in the roof, which keep flowing despite the duck tape applied to them, and half the lights don't work when you turn them on.
Despite the wallpaper peeling off, paint has been re-applied to the wall, in a tiger-stripe pattern. The wardrobe has three compartments, one of which contains shirts and jackets, another containing the academy-issued pants, despite being covered over with tons of shorts, and the last one being locked, but you can see a bit of a skirt poking out of the corner. Turning your head back to the bed, with a similar tiger-striped pattern, you see someone sitting there. "Oh, I didn't see you there. Welcome to my room."