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"Speedroid"  is an archetype of WIND Machine-Type monsters used by Yugo in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. 

"Speedroids" focus on fast Synchro Summon, they also have a high focus on banishing their own cards from the Graveyard to fuel their card effects and support cards. The archetype is a sub-archetype of the "roid" archetype.

"Speedroid" monsters mostly resemble weaponized toys, like tops and boomerangs, or make references to games, like dice, with their names commonly being puns or portmanteaus with the names of said toys/games.

The Synchro Monsters are called "Hi-Speedroid" ("Highspeedroid" in Japanese). The Tuner monsters have "Dice" in their names


"Speedroid" Main Deck Card Effects Analysis

Speedroid Terrortop

"Terrortop" is the core of the Deck since it can search any other "Speedroid" monster from your Deck. It can also be special summoned from the Hand, this help you to set-up quickly your Synchro Summons.

Speedroid Taketomborg

"Taketomborg" is a good choice to add with the effect of "Terrortop", it can special summon itself if you control a WIND Monster; He can also special summon any "Speedroid" Tuner monster from you Deck by tributing itself. 

Speedroid Double Yoyo

"Doulbe Yoyo" is the second more important Main Deck card! If you normal summon it you can special summon from your Graveyard a Level 3 or lower "Speedroid"! It set-up an auto Synchro Summon if you target a Tuner monsters, but you can for example choose "Terortop" to increase your Hand advantage by adding a card with "Terrortop" Effect, Another good choice could be "Taketomborg" to special summon a "Speedroid" Tuner from your Deck!

Speedroid Menko

"Menko" is your last savior! It can special summon itself when a Direct Attack is declared, and all monsters your opponent controls are changed to Defense Position!
Basically a Similar Battle Fader of the archetype!

Speedroid Ohajikid

"Ohajikid" can special summon any tuner from either player's Graveyard and immediately after Synchro Summon a Wind Synchro Monster.

Speedroid Tuner Monsters:

Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice

"Tri-Eyed Dice" can banish itself to prevent an opponent's monster attack! A very useful ability that can help you to win a Match or save your Monsters\LP if you have an empty field!

Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice

If you control another "Speedroid" when you summon "Red-Eyed Dice" it can virtually help you to synchro summon any monster whose level between 2 and 7!  It a great versatil card! You can Special summon it via "Taketomborg" or "Double YoYo" for example!

"Speedroid" Related Spell Cards

Speed Recovery

"Speed Recovery" Special summons ANY Speedroid in your Graveyard, it can also recycle your "Speedroid" cards. so this is  a must run card.

Shock Surprise

"Shock Suprise"  destroys up to 2 cards on the field! You can use it after you synchro summon a monster to ensure you will have 2 cards to banish to activate it.

Hi-Speedroid Chanbara

"Chanbara" is your Extra Deck "Speedroid" Ace Monster! It can attack twice per battle phase, and each attack that is declared that involves it increase its ATK by 200! It means you Get 2200, then 2400! On the first turn!
Also if it is send to the Graveyard you recycle one your "Speedroid" Banished monsters, and add it to your Hand! So you can banish "Speedroid" cards  in total safety with "Shock Surprise" or use more times "Tri-Eyed Dice" effect.

Hi-Speedroid Kendama

"Kendama"  can banish a "Speedroid" from your Graveyard to inflick 500 Damage, it does Piercing Damage but more important: He can auto special summon itself from the Graveyard!

And Now It's time for a Generic  In-Play-Combos

 It all starts with the speedily Summonable search card, Speedroid Terrortop.

Speedroid Terrortop’s a Level 3 WIND Machine, and you can Special Summon it from your hand if you control no monsters. Whenever it’s Normal or Special Summoned, you can search your deck for another “Speedroid” monster.

While Normal Summoning Terrortop can set up big plays for later, you really want to Special Summon. Do that, and you can search for a “Speedroid” Tuner monster and Normal Summon it for an immediate Synchro Summon.
Grab Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice at Level 3 and you can Synchro Summon Hi-Speedroid Kendama. Or, since there are no restrictions on what you Synchro Summon, bring out another Level 6 like Goyo Guardian. When you’re finished Synchro Summoning, Tri-Eyed Dice has an ability that lets you banish it from your Graveyard to negate your opponent’s next attack; extra defense for your Synchro Monster.

Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice opens up even more options. It’s a Level 1, and when you Summon it you can change the Level of another Speedroid you control, to any Level from 1 to 6. That means you can search Red-Eyed Dice with Terrortop, then turn Terrortop into a Level 1 to make Formula Synchron and set up more complicated plays. Or go big and score a Level 7 Synchro for just one card!

You can summon Black Rose Moonlight Dragon at Level 7, or you can bust out the original Black Rose Dragon and destroy everything on the field. If your opponent controlled several cards at once and you can destroy them all with nothing but Speedroid Terrortop, putting you in a great position follow up with the rest of your cards.

If you already control monsters you can’t Special Summon Speedroid Terrortop with its effect. The good news? You can still Normal Summon it and search Speedroid Taketomborg.

Taketomborg’s effect lets you Special Summon it if you control a WIND monster, so you can still play it to the field when you search it with Terrortop, thanks to Terrortop’s WIND Attribute. Taketomborg’s not a Tuner, but since it’s a Level 3 you can overlay it with Terrortop for a Rank 3 Xyz Summon, like a WIND Attribute version of Tour Guide from the Underworld. One notable monster you can Xyz Summon with this method that you can’t with Tour Guide is Totem Bird, the Spell/Trap negating specialist of the Rank 3 world.
Even better, Taketomborg packs an effect that lets you Tribute it to Special Summon a “Speedroid” Tuner from your Deck. That ability restricts you to Special Summoning only WIND monsters for the rest of the turn, but if you Special Summon Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice you can still Synchro Summon all sorts of WIND monsters like Mist Bird Clausolas, Old Entity Hastorr, Hi-Speedroid ChanbaraHi-Speedroid Kendama, or Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.
While Speedroid Terrortop searches Speedroids from your Deck, Speedroid Double Yoyo revives a Level 3 or lower Speedroid from your Graveyard when you Normal Summon it. You can revive Terrortop to get another search effect, or bring back Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice for another Synchro Summon. Combined with Red-Eyed Dice’s Level shifting effect, Double Yoyo Tunes for almost any Synchro Monster from Level 2 to Level 7.
That’s a lot like Terrortop, but since one card searches your Deck and the other revives from your Graveyard, you can combine them to make sure you never run out of options. You can only search Red-Eyed Dice from your Deck three times, because you can only run three copies. But with Double Yoyo to reuse it you never run out of gas.
And while Speedroid Terrortop is at its best when you can Special Summon it to your empty field,Speedroid Double Yoyo’s[/b

T.G. Engine

In this Decklist I use an old Synchro Tech: T.G. Striker and T.G. Warwolf.

If you special summon a Level 3 or lower monster you can Special Summon Warwolf, Most "Speedroid" monsters meet this condition letting you to increase your Swarm. Also "Striker" can special summon itself if your opponent controls a monster while you do not. They can also search each other if destroyed while face-up on the field.

So basically you get a Free Level 5 Synchro Monster like "Chanbara" to OTK your opponent.

Debris Dragon + Dandylion

Another old Synchro Tech is Debris Dragon + Dandylion, this way you get a Free Level 7 Dragon-Type Synchro OR a Level 8\9 if you control already the tokens! Level 9 monsters like Mist Wurm or Trishula that increase your Winning chances.

Anyway this combo give you a free "Rose Dragon" or "Clear Wing".

Pro-Decklist by Jv

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