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Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]


descriptionConcept Tournament #6 [Ended]

First topic message reminder :

Concept Tournament #6

Concept Tournament is a new special format of Tournament. 
The Main Deck and Extra Deck must follow a specific pattern: You can Only use Specific monsters to build  your Main Deck and Extra Deck, But you can use whatever spell\trap you want.


This is Swiss Tournament. At the end of the Round 3 a top 4 will be chosen, and there will be a Single Elimination.
If there are only 8 or lower players on the tournament  after the Round 3 the Top 3 will be chosen via the final scores of Challonge instead.
1) Every and ALL Cards on DN are allowed  (OCG,TCG,TCG North America, OCG Korea etc)
2) The Banlist is the  9th November TCG.
4) In every Round you must follow the "Concept Turn Recipe": A list of the Monster cards you can only use.
5)  Spell\Trap Burn Decks, Life Equalizer and Victory Condition Decks 7 ARE NOT Allowed.
6) If you see your opponent using different monster cards,  take a screenshot of it, and post it here. Your opponent will have a Game Loss. (Or Match Loss depending of the score)
7) Neither player can Have a Side Deck. The use of the Side Deck IS NOT Allowed.

DA Name:
DN Or YGOCHROME Or Ygopro\Devpro Name:
Time Zone:

1st Place: 4000 Duel Points + Tournament Stack
2nd Place: 2000 Duel Points
3rd Place: 1000 Duel Points

Round 1  Concept Turn Recipe:

You can only use Level and Rank 1 Monsters.

You can use whatever Spell\Trap you want, BUT YOU CANT Build a Burn or Victory Condition Deck.



Round 2  Concept Turn Recipe:

You can only use Monsters whose Original ATK is 0 AND\OR Whose Original DEF is 200.
You can use whatever Spell\Trap you want, BUT YOU CANT Build a Burn or Victory Condition Deck.



Round 3 Concept Turn Recipe:

In your Main Deck you can only use Trap Monsters ( http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Trap_Monster )
 and Pseudo-Trap Monsters ( http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Pseudo-Trap_Monster ) (Like the "Burgesstoma" Archetype)
The Extra Deck HAS NOT Restrictions. You can use whatever card you want.

You can use  Spell\Trap you want, BUT YOU CANT Build a Burn or Victory Condition Deck.



After the Round 3 if there are more than 8 Players (Min. 9), there will be Direct Elimination Tournament with the TOP 4, Where you will Follow this "Concept Turn

You MUST Build a Main Deck with 10 Normal Monsters , 10 Spell, 10 Traps & 10 Effect Monsters, BUT Each With Different Name. (Highlander Format)
Also Your Extra Deck Must contain  5 Fusion, 5 Xyz, 5 Synchro, BUT Each With Different Name. (Highlander Format)



Accepted Participants :
DA Name/DN Name/Time Zone
JC the shadow hunter/JC the shadow hunter/GMT-4


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descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

I had spent hours in making those decks and all I got was flip coins imma just give up on this thing

                                                                                                                                                             ~     E .F .S .F  .  E l i t e    ~

descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

2-0 vs Nova


descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

Confirming this merda. GGz

BA Challenge Thread

descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

1st place: Jv
2nd place: SilentKatana
3rd placeParaBox

All prizes have been awarded.

descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

GG to all. Another T Stak for the collection ye

descriptionRe: Concept Tournament #6 [Ended]

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