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Verizon + Minecraft Modders project

on Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:18 am
Well to put it in simple words, Verizon and Minecraft Modders and content creators came together to make a working cellphone in minecraft that connects to the real world......think of the basic things a cellphone can do, and this minecraft cellphone will do it. From SMS/MMS to Webbrowsing to VideoCalling......yes you can video call your minecraft avatar through a device in real life (u will both see each other). Well how Verizon claims it works is that they created a codec named boxel, boxel translates the real Web pages to blocks that can be animated in minecraft. There is a boxel server and client that you will have to program to the mod and your device. They open sourced the codes so u can have fun with them if u know a little java script and network programming. Also there's a demo for it......

CaptainSparlez's Demo of the mod.

SethBling's Demo of the mod.

Well, when I looked at the Java Scripts, I saw that it really isn't all its made up to be.....(at least for the Webpage part) an offline version of the Webpage is kinda screenshotted when you enter it into the mod's source code. And it will only display the offline version of the Web pages you have pre-entered onto the sourcecode. It won't play videos e.t.c.....

But the video call, MMS, SMS aspect is still intriguing; I haven't looked at the whole source codes, and I plan to later....

Sooooo....this is almost too good to be true, it a hoax? 
On my Bullshit Scale from 1-10; 1 being complete bullshit and 10 being THAT'S REAL!!. This project takes a 5 in my opinion...I looked at the source code myself..and some parts seem credible(the Webpage viewing)....while others seem uncredible ( the video call part)....

I mean this would be a big thing for minecraft...and when you mention something like this inminecraft..."thediamondmancraft", and other famous minecraft youtubers have to kinda be involved, I've never even heard of Seth bling. But then again....this project got its own github subdomain...which means it's not a random prank pulled by a random modder...either github is pulling our legs..or maybe this is really real. Watch do you think?

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