Dinomist Decklist :
                                                  The Monster Line up:
                                                       3x Dinomist Rex
                                                       3x Dinomist Ceratops
                                                       3x Dinomist Pteran
                                                       3x Dinomist Plesion
                                                       2x Dinomist Brachion
                                                       2x Dinomist Stegosaur
                                                       2x Archfiend Eccentrick
                                              The Spells:
                                                       3x Dinomist Charge
                                                       3x Upstart Goblin
                                                       2x Mystical Space Typhoon
                                                       2x Wavering Eyes
                                                       1x Dinomic Powerload
                                                       1x Instant Fusion
                                                       1x limiter Removal

                                                The Traps:
                                                       3x Dinomist Rush
                                                       3x Solemn Strike
                                                       1x Solemn Warning
                                                       1x Torrential Tribute
                                                       1x Vanity's Emptiness
                                        The Extra Deck Line up:
                                            2x Cyber Dragon Nova
                                                        2x Cyber Dragon Infinity
                                                        2x Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer
                                                        1x Elder Entity Norden
                                                        1x Panzer Dragon
                                                        1x Abyss Dweller
                                                        1x Daigusto Emeral
                                                        1x Number 101 Silent Honor Ark
                                                        1x Number 37 Hopeweaver Spider Shark
                                                        1x Number 61 Volcasaurus
                                                        1x Number 73 Abyss Splash
                                                        1x Number 82 Heartlandraco

Spoiler :


Dinomists cater to aggressive players, focusing on amassing multiple monsters through Pendulum Summon while preventing their opponent from countering them via support from the Pendulum Zones. All Scale 3 "Dinomists" have the Pendulum Effect "If another "Dinomist" card(s) you control would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can destroy this card instead.", while all Scale 6 "Dinomists" have the Pendulum Effect "Before resolving a card effect that targets another "Dinomist" card(s) you control, you can negate the effect, then destroy this card. This effect can only be used once while this card is in the Pendulum Zone." Combined, two differently-Scaled "Dinomists" in your Pendulum Zones can neutralize almost any threat to the "Dinomists" in your Monster Zones at the cost of destroying themselves, allowing the monsters themselves to battle uninhibited. Their Spell & Trap Cards enable greater utility and power by searching, directly Special Summoning from the Deck, and locking down your opponent's ability to respond to battle through card effects.


Important Cards:

  • Dinomist Rex: is you main beater on the field being the current highest attack at 2400, with too very usefull effect 1 allowing him to attack up to 2 monster's each battlephase dealing more damage to your opponent whilst clearing there board. The other effect being that for a tribute of another dinomist at the end of damage step to shuffle 1 randon card from your opponents hand into the deck, great for sniping your opponents hand giving them less to respond with.
  • Dinomist Pteran: is the decks searcher, being able to add any dinomist card from your deck to your hand when it destroys a monster grants you further advantage in the game.
  • Dinomist Charge: This the decks second searcher being able to grab any dinomist monster from you deck, whilst having its second effect that whenever a dinomist card would move to the extra deck you can add it to the hand, once per turn of course but this applies to dino's on the field or in pendulum zone's further protecting your control of the game
  • Dinomist Rush: being able to special summon any dinomist from the deck further speeding up the deck whilst having the added effect of it being unaffected by other card effects for the turn helps to protect you from any response you opponent might have.
  • Wavering eyes: never leave home with out it, wavering is a vastly important card in this deck for its combo ability with dinomist charge, being able to add a free pendulum monster from your deck to your hand and dealing 500 damage by destroying at least 2 scale's works great with charge as it will allow you to re add one of the previous scales to your hand gaining more advantage for less of the cost of using wavering.
  • Cyber Dragon Infinity: Your main go to in the extra deck, infinity being easy to bring out on top of nova with easy rank 5 plays from rex, ceratops and brachion, infinity being able negate your opponents card effect by detaching one is all ready pretty good, further being able to steal your opponents monster for more attachments and boasting its attack at the same time makes this a very hard to deal with card.


Additional Card Thoughts

  • Archfiend Eccentric: I chose to run accentrik in my build to keep me a couple extra monster's with a scale that wouldnt hurt whilst having the effect to destroy itself and any of my opponents backrow to help me get past any floodgate's that may be in the way.
  • Dinomic Powerload: i chose to tech one powerload in the event to block any battle phase reactive traps my opponent might have that could hurt my plays.
  • Instant Fusion: i brought instant fusion mostly for panzer dragon to have more freedom in making cyber dragon infinity or norden for any rank 4 play should the situation arise.
  • Number 37: Ive been using hopeweaver as a later game monster to help recover any lost dinomist from previous xyz plays whilst it having alot of damage potential between its high attack and its ability to lower attack of opponents monster.



  • Twin Twister: Twister can be a very troublesome card if you dont see it coming having the potential to wreak scale's or worse destroy your dinomist charge's and further backrow can course extensive trouble.
  • Bottomless Trap Hole: any form of banishing can be very harmfull to dinomists but bottomless not targeting means you have no response to losing dinomist in ways that cant be prevented without running out's such as wiretap.
  • Vanity Emptiness and Fiend: being a very special summon focused deck these cards can completlt shut you out, being unable to pendulum summon whilst also rendering dinomist rush unuseable.

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Spoiler :

I am the bone of my sword
Iron is my blood and glass is my heart
I have survived countless battles undefeated
Nor once have I retreated
Nor once have I been understood
Always alone on the hill of swords
intoxicated with Victory
Thus this life has no meaning
My body was surely made out of swords