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Alright here is a question, If you were to choose 10 heroes, villains, or a combination of both to fend off an invasion, who would you choose? It can be any hero/villain you can think of (they have to exist though also you have to say where they come from). Also please explain why you would want that hero or villain on your team. I shall go first to start things off. A Max of 10 people please.

1. Agent Venom (Marvel Universe)  - Alright you all saw it coming, Agent Venom would be the first one I choose. Just look at my profile pic and signature, I really do love Agent Venom (no homo).

2. Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail) - He is also one of my favorite characters. He is about as strong as Natsu Dragneel and really packs a punch. I choose him because well i also love him too (no homo). When i get my name changed its going to be Flash Dreyar.

3. Victor Van Doom (Marvel Universe) - Dr. Doom is a real badass villain. With his army of robots and genius brain, he could really be a useful candidate for the team.

4. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) - This team does need some girls and she fits the bill. Lucy is a celestial wizard who has access to 10 out of the 12 zodiac keys (which are powerful golden gate keys that summons the zodiac spirits). She also can change her clothes with star dress which allows her to have the powers of her celesital spirits which would make her strong. She also is a cleaver and smart girl who could be useful for deciphering codes and solving puzzles.

5. Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 universe) - What can I say he is my childhood hero. With the omnitrix he can transform into any alien that the watch contains (which is over 70 aliens). He also can go into the aliens ultimate form to add more power. He would be a nice powerhouse for the team.

6. Aelita Schaeffer (Code Lyoko) - A childhood show I used to watch. At first she was just a weak girl living in a virtual reality world but now she is strong. She may have only had her powers in the virtual world but here it can be an exemption and she can have her powers. She at first was able to change landscape or make shields with a song, then she later received energy ball attacks and then later on gain the power of flight. She would be a good eyes in the sky to spot an army coming.

7.  Yusei Fudo (Yugioh 5D's) - yes I would add him to the team. Instead of having his cards, he has the power of all stardust forms form 5D's so none of those new Stardust monsters. Able to do anything that his dragon can do, he could be a real good fighter for the team.

8. Jesse Anderson (Yugioh GX) - Well he is my favorite character from the Yugioh series so of course he would be on this list. It would be the same with Yusei so he wouldn't have cards but he would have the power of his rainbow dragon.

9. Spider-Man (Marvel Universe) Well Agent Venom needs at least one friend he knows. Also Spider-Man is one of the ultimate heroes really. He is stronger then he looks and not because of his spider strength too.

10. Freed Justine (Fairy Tail) - What Laxus has his puppies follow him everywhere, well not as much as Freed does. Although Freed is a good guy to have since he can make barriers or even traps to lure the enemy into and give them a disadvantage.

I am the Son of Laxus: The Lightning Dragon Slayer and Mirajane: The She Devil. I've got some powerful parents, my dad taught me how to use lightning magic, my godfather Freed taught me jutsu shiki, and my mom taught me transformation magic and take over magic. My take over is known as symbiote soul, but I just call it Venom. It has dragon slaying magic so whenever i use it, i gain the powers to slay dragons, just like my father. However I can only gain that when I take over into it. This is me!

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@CrimsonOverlord wrote:
Quasar mkII still unsolved though heh

That's you.

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ABCBooks wrote:
@CrimsonOverlord wrote:
Quasar mkII still unsolved though heh

That's you.


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