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Chapter 1


Spoiler :

FALCON! Falcon, come down here, right now!”

Falcon Davis tossed and turned in bed. He shut his eyes tight and covered his ears with his pillow, but he could not block out his mother’s shouting. If that wasn’t bad enough, his phone wouldn’t stop ringing. He had no doubt that it was his mother calling him in attempt to get him out of bed. She always did that whenever he would pretend to be asleep while she was calling him. There were no contacts in his phone other than his parent’s, so it couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

FALCON!” she shouted again

How long would she do this before leaving for work already? He didn’t quite care if she was late because she was too busy trying to yell at him. Falcon was sure that all she wanted was to tell him he was late for school. So what? He hated school and would do anything to be late or hopefully even absent.

Falcon…” a soft voice spoke, and a pair of tiny hands shook Falcon’s shoulders. Falcon sighed heavily and opened his eyes. “What is it, Robin?” Standing in front of him was a boy so short that when Falcon stood, the boy’s head barely reached Falcon’s chest. His hands couldn’t be seen as he ran them through his silky black hair because the sleeves of his oversized, black coat were far too long. He wore a pair of white jeans that, even with his belt as tight as it would get, kept slowly slipping down his waist.

Robin was Falcon’s youngest sibling. The boy had no clothes in his own size because they were all hand-me-downs from Falcon. The Davis family weren’t exactly the richest people in town, and affording clothes for four kids wasn’t easy. Robin was a very clever boy, in the same grade as Falcon and his other two siblings, despite being fourteen, three years younger than Falcon. “Falcon, where’s Connor?” Robin asked, pushing up his large, round glasses and running his hand through his hair again.

Connor isn’t here?” Falcon asked, picking his phone up off the floor and hanging it up. It was his mother calling him, just as he had expected.

Don’t tell me he’s got himself in trouble again…” spoke a female voice.

A girl crawled from under Falcon’s bed with a yawn. She had shoulder length black hair and she wore a purple and black Gothic Lolita dress with knee-high black socks. Her skin was so pale and her black eyes so lifeless that she looked like a life-sized doll.

Morning, Falcon.” she said, rubbing her eyes. “Little Robin, you've got another hole in your coat.” She placed a hand on Robin's shoulder and stuck her finger into a hole in the back of his coat. He shuddered at her touch, his eyes downcast.

Out of Falcon's three siblings, there was only one girl, Raven. Although she was eighteen, a year older than Falcon, she was in the same grade as him and Robin. She got held back a year, but it wasn't because she wasn't smart. In fact, she was a very clever young woman, arguably more clever than Robin. She intentionally got herself held back so all four siblings could be in the same grade together.

Falcon, Robin, and Raven walked down the stairs together. The sight in the hallway was almost humorous. Their mother was dressed for work in her white button up shirt, black suit jacket, and matching knee-length skirt. She had bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Her expression was furious and she had Falcon's older brother, Connor, grabbed by the ear.

His face was red with embarrassment as she dragged him by the ear over to the other three. He was a tall, bulky young man with a vast wingspan. At his full height he would have towered a foot above their mother, but he was on his knees. His head was bald and he wore a pink button up shirt, buttoned all the way up, making the collar cover half of his unusually long neck. His eyes were glanced to the side to avoid eye contact with his siblings.

Connor was the eldest of the four siblings. He was nineteen, two years older than Connor, yet in the same grade as the others. He claims he was intentionally held back two years so he could be in the same grade as the others, just like Raven, but even this year, his grades suggested being held back yet again.
Falcon, can you please tell your siblings to stop laying all over the house?” Their mother asked, practically throwing Connor at his siblings. Raven glared at him, but he still avoided everyone's eyes.
He was laying in the middle of the stairs, and I almost tripped over him! Do you know how bad I could have been hurt?” Ms. Davis looked down at her watch. “It's already seven, you missed the bus! Go get dressed! I'll have to drop you off today.”

I could just stay home.” Falcon suggested, despite knowing his mother wouldn't even entertain the thought.

Did you not hear me? Go get dressed, you're late enough as it is!”

Falcon sighed and began walking back up the stairs. Connor followed him and Robin, but Raven tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a stern look. He glowered at her and crossed his meaty arms. Robin stopped walking up the stairs and watched Raven and Connor whispering to each other until they both disappeared into the garage.

Back in his room, Falcon opened up his closet. Sitting on top of his dresser were several stuffed animals, each one a different species of bird. There was more seated on the floor and on each shelf in the closet, totaling up to over fifty different bird species. Falcon smiled and said good morning to each of them before snatching his clothes and going into the bathroom, followed by Robin.
Falcon washed his face and Robin brushed his teeth. When he was done washing, Falcon looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was a skinny, baggy-eyed, pale skinned boy of seventeen. He had black eyes, matted brown hair that he very rarely combed, and a growing mustache.
Falcon pulled on a pair of blue jeans with holes at both knees and a white t-shirt with chewing marks at the collar. After getting dressed, he went to his room and put his shoes and backpack on. Robin watched him, occasionally opening his mouth as if to say something, but didn't seem capable of getting the words out.

Falcon noticed this. “Is something wrong, Robin?”

I-I...” he pushed his glasses up and ran his hand through his hair in his usual nervous manner, “It's...”

What's the matter, little Robin?” Raven asked with a smile, placing both her hands on his shoulders from behind.

Robin spun around and blanched. Raven and Connor were both standing in the doorway. Connor was still glowering at Raven with his arms crossed. Robin looked up at Falcon, but then his eyes went downcast and he said nothing further.
Oh I'm sorry, little Robin, I didn't mean to scare you.” Raven said teasingly, running her finger across Robin's face. Robin shuddered. He had been reacting strangely to Raven’s touch all week.
Connor, Raven, and Robin put their backpacks on, then the four siblings went downstairs. Their annoyed mother was already in the car, honking the horn every few seconds, so they had no time to eat any breakfast.

Ms. Davis was in a sour mood the whole car ride. At every red light she would check the time and complain that her boss would kill her for being late on the second day of her new job. She was let go by her old job at the bank, and after five months of unemployment, finally got a new job as an accountant.

It was seven forty by the time they got to school. Their homeroom class would be over in ten minutes, which was a relief to Falcon. He just wished that they had been late enough to avoid their second hour class, Financial Algebra, as well.

Financial Algebra was by far Falcon’s least favorite class. It wasn't the subject itself that he disliked, in fact he found it quite interesting. He liked classes that taught stuff he could actually use in life. It was the teacher that he despised. No matter what he did, she always found a reason to bully him and his siblings.

The bell rang as they walked through the halls. Students poured out of the classrooms like a flock of pigeons. They pointed and gave Falcon and his siblings funny looks, some of the guys sniggering and girls giggling. He heard someone shout “Psycho!!!”, followed by a chorus of laughter.

It was common for the four siblings to be laughed at and picked on by other students. Whether it be because of something as simple as the way they dress or something as ludicrous as Falcon, Raven, and Robin having the top grades in all their classes, they always seemed to do something that wasn't cool.

Connor grunted and cracked his knuckles menacingly. “I should give them what they’re asking for…” he whispered.

We’d get expelled if you beat someone up, Connor. If you want to make anyone pay, be smart about it. Set it up in a way that no one can pin it on you.” Raven replied.

Getting expelled would be great though.” Connor clasped his hands behind his neck, looking up dreamily. “We’d finally be free of this cage. Birds like us are meant to rule the skies, not be stuck in a cage like this for eight hours a day. At least it’s Friday...”

Three more months, Connor. Just three more months and we graduate.”

But I can’t wait that long! My wings have been clipped for far too long already!”
Yeah, and they’ll be clipped for yet another year if you don’t pick your grades up! If you think we’re going to get held back this year for you, you’re mistaken.” Raven chided him, hands on her hips.

Let me copy your notes then if you care so much!” Connor attempted to snatch her backpack, but she quickly jumped back and out of the way. She collided into another student passing by, causing him to drop his notebook, papers falling out, scattered about everywhere.

Ouch…! Dammit, Falcon!” The fallen student complained, glaring up at Falcon with a balled fist.

What are you looking at me for? It was Raven.” Falcon said, jerking his thumb towards Raven.

I don’t care which of you freaks it was! Look at what you’ve done! I worked so hard on all those notes! Are you going to help me or just stand there, you weirdo?”

Falcon noticed groups of students stopping whatever they were doing to watch this little scene. He tried to ignore their stares and continued to walk, not bothering to help the student retrieve his notes. He wasn’t going to be late and give Ms. Knops another reason to bother him and his siblings because he was helping a rude student. He shouldn’t have been in Raven’s way in the first place, and if he wanted help, he should have thought twice about calling them freaks.

Well some nice guy you are! It’s no wonder you don’t have any friends!” the student called back at Falcon as he and his siblings walked off, Connor making no attempt to step over his papers.

Friends...who needs friends? Who would even want to make any friends at this school? Everyone else here was nothing more than a pigeon, and pigeons can’t fly with Falcon’s flock. Pigeons like to poop on cars and people's heads, stand in front of cars in the middle of the road, coo annoyingly...there was no way Falcon could associate himself with such a despicable bird species. They make birds look bad, and adding them to his flock would make the flock look bad as a unit. Besides, he had Raven, Robin, and Connor. They were birds of a feather that would always flock together. Together, the four of them were ‘The Flock’.

The Flock were the first ones to class. Unless they got to school while class had already started, they were always the first ones in the classroom. The foolish pigeons loved waiting in the hallway, texting on their phones, cooing carelessly and pointlessly, and wouldn’t enter class until after the bell already rang. Even more foolish pigeons wouldn’t come to class until after the teacher had to go into the halls and yell at them to get to class.

Falcon, Connor, Robin, and Raven sat at their usual table together and took out their books. Connor and Raven sat at one side, while Falcon and Robin sat at the other side. Robin’s eyes were glued to his textbook and he seemed to be making an effort not to look up.

Their teacher, Ms. Knops, was sitting at her desk, doing something on her computer. Falcon knew she couldn’t have been doing any type of work, because she had a rather girlish smile on her face and kept laughing. At least she wasn’t bothering his flock.

Ms. Knops was a woman that looked fairly young, likely in her lower twenties. She had a curvy figure, sky blue eyes, long, chestnut hair, and a fairly large bust. It wasn’t rare to hear male students talking about how ‘hot’ she is, but Falcon thought she was anything but attractive. To him, personality meant far more than appearance, and personality was something every girl at this school lacked.

When the bell rang, the pigeons walked in, still cooing loudly. They didn’t seem to care that Falcon’s flock were at their table already doing work.

Alright, settle down everyone! Phones away!” Ms. Knops said and stood up, still with that ugly smile on her face. The noise quieted down, though Falcon could still hear a few pigeons cooing.

Okay class, today we're going to start the unit review. Can someone please hand out the worksheets for me?” Ms. Knops asked. Over a dozen hands instantly shot up, the majority of them male, but Ms. Knops picked the one girl that rose her hand. “Ah, thank you, Priscilla.”

The girl that rose her hand, Priscilla, stood up and walked over to Ms. Knops' desk, smiling. Priscilla was the one girl at this school that Falcon thought was attractive. She was a pretty, light skinned Indian girl with long, black hair. Falcon admired how, unlike the pigeon girls, he never saw Priscilla dress in a way that showed off her body. It wasn't just her appearance he liked, though. It was her personality. She never laughed at or picked on his flock, and she would usually say good morning to them. Sometimes she'd even sit with them in class.

Coincidentally, she had the exact same schedule as them. Whenever she was around and someone was picking on Falcon, she would tell them to knock it off. No one else did that. She was smart, too. She had the fourth highest grade in the class, right beneath Robin, Raven, and Falcon, and never hesitated to ask them for help. She was the only one who ever approached them without malevolent intentions. Her presence always made him feel awkward and tongue tied.

There was just one thing about her that made Falcon skeptical on whether or not she was a pigeon. She had a boyfriend, and he was a pigeon if Falcon ever knew one. He was a Mexican boy named Edgar. Falcon would never understand what she saw in him. Edgar was rude and stupid. He had one of the lowest grades in the class, below seventy percent. He was the leader of his little circle of pigeon friends, and they always bullied Falcon's flock.

Here you go, Falcon.” Priscilla said, handing him four worksheets, smiling her lovely smile.

Falcon gawked stupidly at her, his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth, failing to form words. She giggled and walked back to her table with Edgar, who was leering at Falcon. What was his problem? Falcon didn’t even say anything to Priscilla. He must feel insecure with her being anywhere near such a superior bird.

The Flock worked on their worksheets together in silence. Falcon’s eyes couldn’t resist occasionally glancing up and staring at Priscilla, looking back down at his papers the second he thought she felt his stare. Ms. Knops went around the classroom helping students whenever they raised their hands, but when Connor rose his hand, she pretended to not notice. Falcon grew annoyed at her ignoring him and rose his hand as well. She ignored him as well, but then Priscilla rose her hand.

How can I help you, Priscilla?” Ms. Knops asked in a kind voice.

Falcon has a question.” Priscilla said.

Falcon saw Ms. Knops roll her eyes and heard her sigh as she turned around and walked over to The Flock’s table. She always hated it when Falcon or his siblings raised their hands and he couldn’t understand why. They’re in the class to pass in order to graduate, and if they want to pass the class, doesn’t it make sense to ask the teacher for as much help as possible?

What is it, Falcon?” Ms. Knops whispered.

Connor has had a question for a while now.” Falcon replied.

Ms. Knops glowered at Connor as if he wasn’t worthy of receiving her help, but before she could say anything, there was an annoying beeping sound coming from her pocket. She pulled out her phone, and looking at it with her back turned to The Flock, failed to suppress a laugh.

Ms. Knops, I thought phones weren’t allowed in class?” asked a female student.

That’s for students, I’m your teacher.” Ms. Knops said, still looking at her phone screen.
Ms. Knops, what’s so funny? What are you looking at?” asked a male student.

Oh, my daughter just sent me the most adorable picture of our cats!” Ms. Knops said, walking over to the student and showing him whatever stupid picture she was looking at.

I want to see!”

Me too!”

Students flocked over to Ms. Knops like the pigeons they were, peering over each other’s shoulders. “Oh my gosh, they are soo cute!” cooed one of the girls. Ms. Knops was loving all the attention and started telling the students the names of her cats and talking about the stupid things they do. She either forgot that Connor had a question, or was using this as an excuse to not help him. Falcon was willing to bet on the latter.

He raised his hand again, and to no surprise, she paid him no attention. Priscilla’s hand rose once again as well, but Ms. Knops didn’t seem to notice and Edgar pulled her hand down, leering at Falcon again, so she said, “Ms. Knops?”.

Yes, Priscilla?” Ms. Knops asked, finally looking up from her phone.

I don’t think Falcon ever got his question answered.”

Ms. Knops put her phone away and told everyone they need to get back to work now, then turned to face The Flock, frowning with her arms crossed. “Falcon, I can’t help you every second. There are other students who need my help too.”

It’s Connor that needs help…” Falcon whispered.

What?” Ms. Knops asked.

Falcon wasn’t sure if she really didn’t hear him, or was just trying to tick him off. Either way, she succeeded in making him raise his voice. “It’s not me that needs help, it’s Connor! And you never helped him, you were too busy talking about cats! Is that more important than helping a student in need?!”

Ms. Knops stared at him, her mouth hung open in shock. That was the first time he had ever lashed out at her, although it certainly wasn’t the first time he wanted too. He didn’t even need to hear her next words to know he was in big trouble.

Falcon, go to the front office. Now.” she said in a voice more stern than usual when he was in trouble.

Why?” Falcon asked, staring at her directly in the eyes. He was feeling rather adamant today.

Because you’re being disrespectful. Get out of my class and don’t come back.”

Fine!” Falcon shouted at her, slamming his palms down on the table. If she wanted him gone, just fine. He was perfectly okay with being freed from her horrible presence. “Come on guys, we don’t have to take this.”

Falcon swung his backpack over his shoulder. His flock did the same and followed him to the door, but just as he was about to leave the classroom, he heard Priscilla speak, “Ms. Knops, why are you such a bitch to Falcon?”

There was a short silence, then an echoing chorus of “DAMN!!!”. Falcon removed his hand from the doorknob and turned around, staring at Priscilla in shock and awe, hardly able to believe his ears. Priscilla always spoke up for him when other students picked on his flock, but this was the first time she ever spoke out against Ms. Knops’ treatment of them.

E-Excuse me?” Ms. Knops asked, looking at Priscilla incredulously. Priscilla was one of her favorite students, so it was natural she would have never expected her to say something like this.

I was just wondering why you’re such a bitch to Falcon.” Priscilla said, sounding genuinely curious, a stern frown on her face.

It was at that moment that Falcon realized that Priscilla truly wasn’t a pigeon. No, she was a beautiful swan. She was simply too used to being around so many pigeons that she didn’t even realize that she was so much better than them in every way.

Falcon heard some of the other students whispering to themselves with big grins on their faces, while others watched in silent shock, waiting to see what would happen next. Ms. Knops walked threateningly over to Priscilla, but the class phone rang, and she changed her direction towards it.

All eyes were either on The Flock, Priscilla, or Ms. Knops as she spoke on the phone. Falcon wondered why he was still there, and when he saw Ms. Knops smile maliciously at him before hanging up the phone, he turned to make a quick leave, but before he could step into the halls, Ms. Knops said, “Well well, Falcon, you sure are causing a lot of trouble today. Knocked over another student and stepped on his papers did you? You’ve got two things to answer to Mr. Wilson about now. Priscilla, you can go too.”

Thank you, Ms. Knops.” Priscilla said. She grabbed her backpack, and after exchanging a few words with a rather angry looking Edgar, followed The Flock out the door.

I’m sorry Falcon, she is so mean!” Priscilla said as they walked through the halls. Falcon felt the heat coming to his face and knew he was blushing. He tried to say ‘thank you’ but felt his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth. This was the closest he had ever been to being alone with her.

You were awesome back there. She got so mad!” Connor said, grinning.

Oh, that was nothing. I couldn’t just sit there and let her bully you guys. She disgusts me. Hi Robin, are you okay?” she said, petting Robin on the head. He was looking up at her as if he wanted to tell her something, but kept glancing over his shoulder, as if afraid someone might overhear him, even though no one was behind him except Raven.

Little Robin, what’s the matter?” Raven asked, kneeling so she was at his height and placing a hand on his shoulder, smiling warmly. Robin reacted as if he had been burned, flinching at her touch and staggering back. “You’ll have to forgive little Robin, he’s been acting weird all week, hasn’t he, Connor?”

No, just stupid.” Connor said, crossing his arms and glaring down at Robin, who gulped audibly.

Oh, I hope he’s not sick…” Priscilla said in concern.

H-He’s fine.’ Falcon said, finally finding himself able to speak. “He’s just nervous around Raven after that prank she pulled on him last week. Right, Robin?” He gave his sister a reprimanding look.

Y-yes, that’s right…” Robin said in a quiet voice, pushing his glasses up and running his hand through his hair.

Who would want to prank such a cutie?” Priscilla asked, pinching Robin’s cheek. He blushed and hid behind Falcon. “What did she do to him?”

I think he’d rather not talk about it.” Falcon said.

Oh silly little Robin, it was just a prank. I didn’t mean to traumatize you. Come here, give big sis a hug.” Raven stretched her arms out, waiting for Robin to hug her. He stayed behind Falcon.

You would be traumatized if that happened to you.” Falcon said, wrapping his arm around Robin’s shoulders.

Raven had pulled a horrible prank on Robin last week. Their mother wasn’t home, so Raven had cooked dinner in her place. Robin had been staring at his food skeptically, and after tearing it apart without eating a bite, he screamed and started freaking out. There was a needle in the center of his plate. Raven admitted she did it as a little prank, knowing Robin would be too smart to actually bite the needle. She just wanted to see how he would react and thought they’d all have a good laugh over it, but Robin hasn’t been the same since.

S-so, anyway...what do you think our punishment is going to be?” Falcon asked in attempt to change the subject.

I hope we're not in too much trouble...my parents would be so disappointed if I got suspended.” Priscilla said as she opened the door to the principal's office.

The principal, Mr. Wilson, was sitting behind his desk doing paperwork. He was a middle aged man with grizzled, black hair and a neatly shaved goatee, wearing an expensive black suit and rectangular glasses. When they entered, he looked up and motioned for them to sit. There was only two chairs, so Falcon and Priscilla sat, while Connor, Raven, and Robin stood behind Falcon.

Falcon, Priscilla, there you are. I heard from Ms. Knops that you took it upon yourselves to disrupt her class? I must say, I’m quite surprised. Care to explain?” he asked, resting his chin on his fingers.

Sir, there wasn’t a class to disrupt to begin with. She was showing everyone pictures of her cats and ignoring Falcon when he had a question. That’s not acceptable behavior for a teacher, is it?” Priscilla explained.

Ah, so you were just standing up for your friend? You’re a very nice, admirable young lady, Priscilla. I will not defend Ms. Knops’ behavior, but regardless of anything she did, there is no excuse for a young lady like you to use such filthy language towards a teacher. She told me what you called her. Twice.

I’m sorry, Mr. Wilson. I know it was a horrible thing to say, I just got so fed up at watching her treat Falcon like that! And I didn’t exactly call her anything. I just asked her why she was acting like that...”

Don’t get smart with me, young lady. I understand that sometimes even the smartest people do dumb things when we’re angry, but again, there is no excuse to ever use such a word to a teacher, or anywhere in this school. Do you understand?”

Yes, sir. I know I deserve to be punished, but can you please not tell my parents?” Priscilla asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

Oh no, I’m afraid I have to tell to them. It would be irresponsible behavior on my part if I let such behavior go unpunished. You’ll be serving detention after school as well. You know, when I was your age, if my parents found out I did something like you did, I would get beat with a belt on my bare backside. I’m sure however your parents see fit to punish you won’t be too bad, but I do hope they punish you well enough to convince you to never use such foul language again.” Mr. Wilson sighed in disappointment, then turned to Falcon. “Ah, Falcon, Falcon, Falcon...this isn't the first time you've been kicked out of Ms. Knops's class, but I thought a smart young man like yourself knew better than to talk back to a teacher?”

Throw stones at a bird for too long and he'll eventually strike back.” Falcon replied, his voice surprisingly cool and confident as he said it.

Just as I told Priscilla, even the smartest of us do foolish things when we’re angry. There are times when emotion simply overpowers reason. But Falcon, didn’t I tell you to come directly to me if you ever feel mistreated by Ms. Knops again?” Mr. Wilson asked.

Why should I bother? You didn’t do anything about her last time I came to you.”

Falcon, I assure you that I talked to her about it and she promised me it wouldn’t happen again.”

But it did happen again, so punish her already!” Falcon exclaimed, rising from his seat.

I will talk to her, but right now this isn’t about her, it’s about you!” Mr. Wilson rose from his seat as well,  “I have been informed that you pushed Jacob to the floor and stepped on his papers that you scattered all over the place. What’s that about, Falcon? I thought you were one to take flight and never start a fight?”

Falcon didn't push him, I bumped into him, sir.” Raven said, looking guiltily down at her feet.

Yeah...and I'm the one who stepped on his papers.” Connor said, glancing to to the side, toying with his fingers.

Mr. Wilson chuckled, although Falcon didn’t see what was so funny. “That’s what happened, is it? Well then, I suppose the whole flock of you will have to serve detention after school today.”

Why does Robin have detention too? He didn't do anything.” Falcon asked, his hand on Robin’s shoulder defensively.

You all flock together, don’t you? I’m sure he would stay with you even if he didn’t have detention. It would be horrible of me to tell him he can’t, wouldn’t it?” Mr. Wilson asked with his arms folded behind his back, smiling. It annoyed Falcon how right Mr. Wilson was about that.

I believe I’ve scolded you both enough now, your parents can do more when you get home. Now, you know the drill. Get sent out of class and you have to sit in here with me, silently. Since I’m graced with your company, Priscilla, would you mind helping me sort out my files?”

Huh? Oh, yes. Of course, sir.” Priscilla got up from her seat and walked behind Mr. Wilson’s desk, where he showed her what he needed sorted out.

Falcon wasn’t exactly fond of Mr. Wilson, but sitting in his office for the whole second hour was always far more favorable than enduring Ms. Knops. It was amazing how slow the hour passed by. Connor, Raven, and Robin sat on the floor, working on their unit review in silence. Falcon tried to work on his as well, but couldn't stop himself from constantly looking up at Priscilla. He felt so guilty. Priscilla hadn't done anything but stand up for him, and now she had to serve detention and answer to her parents when she got home. He saw the look in her eyes when she asked Mr. Wilson to not tell her parents. He couldn’t help wondering what type of punishment was in store for her at home.

Mr. Wilson called their parents while they were still in his office. Falcon wasn't worried about getting in trouble with his parents. It’s not like they ever put their hands on him. They probably wouldn't do anything more than scold him for a while. When Mr. Wilson called Priscilla’s parents, she turned towards him shaking her head, but his back was turned. Falcon was sure he wouldn’t have paid her any mind even if he had saw her. Priscilla shuddered and went back to her sorting.

When the bell rang, Falcon and his siblings quickly put their stuff away. Falcon wanted to wait for Priscilla so they could walk to their third period class together, but he felt extremely awkward standing in front of the door while she took the time to finish sorting out the last of Mr. Wilson’s files,  so he just walked out without her. He mentally cursed himself for blowing an opportunity to be alone with her again, even if for just a few minutes, but then he heard her call after him.

Falcon!” she said, walking at a pace to catch up with him.

S-Sorry…” Falcon stuttered, his face flushed.

Huh? Sorry for what?” Priscilla asked, tilting her head.

I, uh...n-never mind…” He had expected her to be upset that he hadn’t waited for her, but felt even more awkward with her not knowing what he was talking about. Why did he feel this way? She was another bird worthy of flocking with him, he had no reason to feel awkward around her.

Did you need something?” Raven asked with a raised eyebrow, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Do you have a phone, Falcon?” Priscilla asked, seemingly ignoring Raven.

A p-phone? Y-Yeah, I do...” Falcon dug into his pocket for his phone, but dropped it in his nervousness and excitement. She wanted to know if he had a phone...! He knew what that had to mean before she even said it.

Want my number s-”

Yes!” he exclaimed before she could even finish her question. She blinked at him in surprise, and he felt himself blushing. “I-I mean, yes...that would be nice.”

Priscilla smiled. She took out her phone and gave it to Falcon so he could add his number in her contacts, while she added herself to his. When Falcon gave Priscilla her phone back his hand touched hers. Her skin...it felt so soft, so smooth...he wanted to feel more...

Falcon felt certain that Priscilla liked him. If she didn't, why else would she have so valiantly defended him in class? And why did she suddenly want to give him her number? If only she wasn't with Edgar, then she could be with him instead. She deserved so much better...
Let's talk later, okay? Call me when you get home?” Priscilla asked, removing her hand from his. She smiled at him before going into the girl's bathroom.

What a woman...” Connor said dreamily.

Falcon.” Raven said, snapping Falcon out of his daze. “Stay away from her. We don't fly with pigeons remember?”

She's not a pigeon, she’s a swan.” Falcon said defensively.
No, she’s a pigeon. Don't you agree, little Robin?” Raven kneeled behind Robin, placing her hands on his shoulders, smiling. He flinched as if her touch hurt.

Y-Yes, pigeon...”

He's only saying that because he's scared of you!” Connor said, pulling Robin away from her.

I'm telling you, Falcon, don't trust her. She won't give you anything but trouble, I can tell.” Raven crossed her arms and gave Falcon a warning look.

She's just jealous, Falcon. You've found a beautiful swan among pigeons, and she'll never find a man better than all these pigeons.” Connor smirked teasingly at Raven, and her pale face flushed.

What...?! You're ridiculous, Connor. Let's just get to class...” Raven walked ahead of them with an angry switch to her step.

Falcon didn't understand what Raven's problem was. After everything Priscilla did today, there was no way she was a pigeon. Perhaps he should even make her a member of The Flock...no, as long as she's with Edgar, there's no way she could be one of them. If only something were to cause her to break up with him and realize that she deserved a man like Falcon...

Achievments in spoiler.
Spoiler :
DA League S2, S9, and S11 winner
Chronos Survival Cup 3 Winner. TBUT2 and TBUT3 winner.
Won 29+ DA lives
DA Lives season 0, and season 1 winner.
Won more DA lives than anyone else. Alot more.
Supreme queen of May 2012, April-May 2013, and May 2014.
Three time Survival Master
My current DA record: Wins:451 Lost: 81 Draws: 6
Former Teacher and Assistant. Former Moderator.
First to ever reach the Abandoned Dark League
Moderator of the year 2013.
DA Regionals 2012 and 2013 top 4
Badass since 2011
First to ever pass the Slifer Exam, with a score of 34/35.
Much more.

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