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descriptionHey there.

Hey there, how's it going?

My forum name is Gawerty and none of you will have remembered that I joined Duel Academy in 2013 and disappeared roughly 10 or so days later.

Once upon a time (When I was 15) dueling was everything to me, I participated in tournaments, I was active on several communities, etc.

Now however, I am so far behind on the times I don't even know what is good anymore! It's been such a long time really all things considered.

Let's see - As opposed to the introduction thread I made way back then, I am quite a bit more mature and I don't exactly like to be super theatrical on my threads anymore - as I can see how annoying it was back then to the one guy who posted on my thread (What was his name... *Checks thread* Homeslice?)

Anyways, I feel as if this community has a lot more going for it than others that I was once a part of, and I hope I can fit in.

Thanks for having me,

descriptionRe: Hey there.

Ha thats the same with my chase. I joined in 2015 but stayed for like a month then disappeared. That was due to the fact i was really starting to hate people and yugioh in general. However I came back exactly a year later which would of been February of this year and been here since.

I am the Son of Laxus: The Lightning Dragon Slayer and Mirajane: The She Devil. I've got some powerful parents, my dad taught me how to use lightning magic, my godfather Freed taught me jutsu shiki, and my mom taught me transformation magic and take over magic. My take over is known as symbiote soul, but I just call it Venom. It has dragon slaying magic so whenever i use it, i gain the powers to slay dragons, just like my father. However I can only gain that when I take over into it. This is me!

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