Legend of the Elements Reloaded

( Reloaded Version of Legend of the Elements

Duel Terminal Story:

A group of Wyrms who dwell inside the "Stars" of the Heavens and Earth. They are incarnations of elements found on the planet and the power of the bright stars in the sky brought forth by "Constellar Sombre", who has the same amount of power as a god. It's said that when the "Yang Zing" come together, a shining radiance will consume everything

General Info:

Yang Zing, so far, have levels from 1 to 9. All of them are Wyrm-Type, also they have all varieties of Attributes, Except DIVINE of course. The "Yang Zing" are based on the Nine Offspring of the Dragon, characters of Chinese mythology.

Yang Zing monsters focus on maintaining field presence by Special Summoning one another when they are destroyed and send to the Graveyard (Except Zefraxi, Zefraniu, Baxia and Chaofeng), so cards like Tribute Torrential and Dark Hole are very friendly with them; Also Skill Drain can do the difference in this Deck too. Important to note is that each of the non-Tuners (Except Zefraxi, Zefraniu) are capable of Synchro Summoning during your opponent's Main Phase or Battle Phase, and they give extra abilities to the Synchro Monster that they were used to Summon, as follows:

Pulao  Unaffected by Spell Cards.
Bixi Unaffected by Trap Cards.
Bi'an Cannot be destroyed by battle.
Suanni Gains 500 ATK and DEF.
Taotie Control cannot be switched.

the Tuner Monsters of the archetypes are 2: Chiwen and Jiaotu; The first can  Special Summoning itself from the Graveyard when a "Yang Zing" you control is destroyed: but if it does, it is banished when it leaves the Field;  The second one can, If you control no other monsters except him, Special Summon 2 "Yang Zings" from your Deck (1 with 0 ATK, the other with 0 DEF) by sending 2 "Yang Zing" cards in your hand to the Graveyard: But remember that If you still control them Face-Up during the End Phase  they are  banished.
the Archetype also has 2 Pendulum Monsters: Zefraxi and Zefraniu with Pendulum Scales of 1 and 7.  Zefraxi  can treat another Yang Zing you control as a Tuner Monster if is Pendulum Summoned, or Special Summoned from the Main Deck; Zefraniu, instead, can add 1 "Yang Zing" Spell\Trap from your Deck to your hand. Important Spell\Trap of the archetype areYang Zing Creation and Yang Zing Path. Creation can special summon 1 Yang Zing from the Main Deck  when a monster you control is destroyed;Path instead afford you to draw 2 cards by returning 3 "Yang Zing" monsters from your Graveyard into the Deck.

The Synchro Monsters of the Archetype are:

Yazi: that cannot be targeted by your opponent's effects and can destroy  1 "Yang Zing" monstersyou control and 1 of your opponent's cards; in addition, it can Special Summon any Wyrm-Type monster from your Deck when it is destroyed.

Baxia: when Synchro Summoned, it can shuffle cards from the field into the Deck, up to the number of different original Attributes of Wyrm-Type monsters used for its Synchro Summon; Also can also destroy 1 card you control in order to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower monster from your Graveyard.

Chaofeng: It prevents the activation of your opponent's monsters effects if they share Attibutes with this monster's "Yang Zing" Synchro Materials. Also it searches any Tuner monster when it is destroyed. Futhermore when an opponent's monster is destroyed: it can Special Summon any Wyrm-Type monster, with the same attribute as that monster from your Deck.

You can Synchro Summon Chaofeng using:  Chiwen as the TunerAnd "Pulao" + "Bixi" + "Taotie" to Prevent the activation of the effects of your opponent's LIGHT, WIND, DARK and WATER monsters.
OR By using Jiaotu as the Tuner and "Bi'an" + "Suanni" to Prevent the activation  of the effects of your opponent's DARK, EARTH and FIRE.

Other Synchro Monsters mine Decklist also Use are:

"Black Rose Moonlight Dragon" and "Black Rose Dragon": The first, If Special Summoned or when an opponent's Level 5 or Higher monster is special summoned, she can return a  monster they control to the hand.  With "Pulao", "Bixi" and "Bi'an", this card will be immune against Spell, Trap Cards and battle destruction. The Second can wipe the field and trigger the "Yang Zing" effect to Special Summon from the Deck.

"Clear Wing Synchro Dragon": Like before with "Pulao", "Bixi" and "Bi'an", this card will be immune against Spell, Trap Cards and battle destruction; Also this card can negate an effect of a level 5 or higher monster that targets it AND\OR the activation of another Level 5 or higher Effect! Futhermore it destroys that card and boost its ATK!

"Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon": A Semi Staple in Synchro Summon related Decks nowadays. It needs to be summoned with 1 Tuner + 1 non-Tuner Synchro Monster, but it worth the prize. Once per turn you can negate an opponent's monster effect, wich a lot of times means a great advantage. It also boosts its ATK and if you battle a Level 5 or higher it becomes an Honest!

"Coral Dragon": You can Synchro Summon it with "Bi'an" and "Bixi", giving it immunity against monsters with higher ATK and against Trap Cards like "Mirror Force" and "Dimensional Prison", that would prevent this monster from resolving its effect. But the most important trait of Coral Dragon is being a Synchro/Tuner Monster, that allows you to discard 1 card to destroy 1 card your opponent controls. Also you draw 1 card if it leaves the field while Synchro Summoned.

"Hot Red Dragon Archfiend": You can use its effect to destroy all other Face-Up Attack position monsters! So you can clean the field and trigger Yang Zing effects!

"Armades, Keeper of Boundaries": Prevents cards and effects from being activated if it Attacks or its attacked! so is very useful to end the game or in a mirror match!

"Stardust Charge Warrior": Another new semi-staple in Synchro Focused Decks: Why? Because you Draw 1 card if you Synchro Summon it! Also it can attack every and all Special Summoned monsters, sometimes it can be a great effect.

"Crimson Blader": Crimson helps you to stop the swarm of your opponent's level 5 or higher monsters! great against Monarch, Synchro Focused Decks & Much More. It's basically a Side Deck card in your Main Deck.

"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier": Banish up to 3 cards of your opponent, 1 from Hand, Field & Graveyard is always a great escape! especially because it DOES NOT Target. Also you can combine as Chain 1, the Non-Tuner Yang Zing effects to Synchro Summon it during your Opponent's Turn.