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-What is life?(+Dedicated Member&Freshman)
Getting the hang of it(counting them was hard...)
Who are you?
What's winning?(+I need to start winning,Getting to know you&Lazy slacker)
He was lucky(so many times I lost count)
I wasn't even trying
Never back down!(World Cup)
I'm 12 and what's this?
Underdog Rising
Underdog Rising(if tournaments/mafia count as events)
New hero in town.(again if mafia counts as an event cause let's be serious...I ve never gotten 1st place >.> )
Give me your money!(2name changes,2profile songs and one custom rank)
Community favorite
Popular figure
Representative(SuperViper&some others who didn't stay around much to be honest..)
Community Slacker
I got rid of my girlfriend!(+I'm a rich man&I have a girlfriend)

jjh927:sacker -_-
[Achievements by: faer] AFrq24a
Amy Kool :
[05:06:21] @ Amy Kool : kaiba talks about screwing the rules but yugi actually does the shit

Achivements :
Survival Tourney second place-12/1/2013
Deck Master Lord tourney second place
DA's underdog of the year-2013
DA world cup 2nd place 8/25/2014

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Wrong forum. 

~Moved to the right forum.

A staffer will update your profile shortly.

[Achievements by: faer] YhjrjGb
DA Administrator of the year 2012, 2014 l DA Artist of the Year 2012, 2014, 2015 l ~Lead, follow, or get out the way~

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Achievement awards.

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