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descriptionArchievements by Jolty


  • Freshman
  • What its like out there
  • getting the hang of it
  • lazy slacker
  • getting to know you
  • i need to start winning
  • whats winning
  • he was lucky
  • i wasnt even trying
  • never back down
  • im 12 and what is this
  • underdog rises
  • new hero in town
  • supreme king/queen
  • i only got 4 dollars
  • can i get a discount
  • community favorite
  • popular figure
  • buisness man
  • i have a girlfriend
  • im rich man
  • i got rid of my girlfriend


descriptionRe: Archievements by Jolty

Achievements given.

Achievments in spoiler.
Spoiler :
DA League S2, S9, and S11 winner
Chronos Survival Cup 3 Winner. TBUT2 and TBUT3 winner.
Won 29+ DA lives
DA Lives season 0, and season 1 winner.
Won more DA lives than anyone else. Alot more.
Supreme queen of May 2012, April-May 2013, and May 2014.
Three time Survival Master
My current DA record: Wins:451 Lost: 81 Draws: 6
Former Teacher and Assistant. Former Moderator.
First to ever reach the Abandoned Dark League
Moderator of the year 2013.
DA Regionals 2012 and 2013 top 4
Badass since 2011
First to ever pass the Slifer Exam, with a score of 34/35.
Much more.

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