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descriptionCrimsonOverlord's achievements  EmptyCrimsonOverlord's achievements

-Here to stay achievement
-I bet it's cool out there achievement
-Who are you achievement
-What's winning? achievement
-GGez achievement
-He was lucky achievement
- I wasn't even trying achievement
- Innovative achievement
- Never back down achievement 
- Never back down (for prodecklist achievement)
- I'm 12 what is this achievement
- Underdog rising achievement
- New hero in town achievement
- I only got 4 dollars achievement
- Community favorite achievement
- Popular figure achievement
- Representative achievement
- Community slacker achievement
- Business man achievement
- I got rid of my girlfriend achievement

CrimsonOverlord's achievements  Sr10
CrimsonOverlord's achievements  Obelis10
-The scarlet comet-

descriptionCrimsonOverlord's achievements  EmptyRe: CrimsonOverlord's achievements

Achievements awarded.
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