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descriptionDA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

Now I know this is bad but I really tried my hardest (so please don't hate)

Note this is a work of fiction (I have never been to Anzo's office nor do I want to 
Spoiler :

Is this thing working, good. Ahem, hello... er... what do you say to... ok I'm just skipping to the point. Hello, my name is... well my name is not important, but this isn't about me. This is about a ten year old girl, and right now she may be one of few hopes we have left. Now, I only have two hours to make this thing, so... I think I should start from back when things were normal, but now that I think about it things were never really normal for me, and that would wast time and... Alright, I'll start from when things were normaler... erly. Oh, one more thing before I start. This is what really happened, if someone tells you something else they are an idiot or they have something to gain. Right my name is username290 and I go to school at a place called Duel Academy (or DA for short), and at DA they give people ranks based on your dueling skill, with Silfer Red at the bottom and Society of Light (SoL) at the top, with yellow and blue ranks in between. As you could guess, I'm a red, mainly because I never do anything useful, and I have the worst luck when it comes to dueling. A prime example being, whenever I use Soul Charge to make a winning field, my opponent topdecks Raigeki. I'd list more examples, but it's basically just the same thing every time, I make play, my opponent draws whatever is needed to counter said play, or I just brick and never get off the ground.

In case you haven't caught this yet. My life sucks

So anyway, it all started when I was hanging out in crimson's room (you know, crimson? SoL, long hair, and an assistant staff? Yeah that guy) So yeah, crims said it was OK for a slifer scum like me to be in here, as long as I didn't say or touch anything. Which is fine by me, I mean, I'm really good at doing nothing, one of my few strengths. So I was doing nothing, just minding my own bisness , listening to crims and books talk about MADs, till the overhead speaker came on saying “username290 to the head Admin's office, username290”. Now when you're called to the Head Admin's office it can mean ether one of two things. F$#@, ether physical or metaphorical, and I was praying for the later. I made my way down to Anzo(the Head Admin)'s office and opened the door

(I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened next, because Anzo's office had a weird smell to it that made my brain go funny)

Anzo was sitting at his deck doing ,um, Anzo things, till he saw me in the doorway and told me to “sit down”. I checked the room for a camera, and there was none (that I could see), so I sat down almost assured that I could my cloths on. Anzo looked up at me and said “username you are a useless piece of S!@#” and I said “ok” “you never do anything productive, you ELO and W/L ratios are a horror to look at, and you never send me nudes” and I said “ok” “are you even listening to me right now?” and I said “not in the slightest”. This was the wrong thing to say as Anzo banged his fist on the desk and started yelling at me in some of the foulest words I ever heard,(if my body was working normaly I would have been more scared then I was) but calmed down at a point “anyway, I may have found a job you could (maybe) do right, it focuses on something you do well, nothing” and I said, well you can guess what I said “ok”. Anzo rolled his eyes “we have some new students coming in from who knows who cares where, and I want you to watch them”. “And?” I asked “and that's it”, I was till confused (that could have been the gas) “so I'm spying on them” Anzo tried to back to doing his 'Anzo things' “for the sake of you pathetic brain, yes” “but you don't want any...” “anything, If it's from you” “so why am I spying on them” Anzo looked down from his pictures and looked me in the eye “If you see what I want you to see, you'll tell me, if you don't you won't, and everything will be good, now get out!”

my two hours are running short so I'll finish off with this

I got out of his office and went to my room, welcoming the smell of fish over whatever was in Anzo's office, and threw myself on my 'bed' (it was a deck that I put a towel on) thinking about how easy Anzo's assignment was

It wan't

I have... no idea how to play this game... I should have been kicked out a long time ago... but I keep winning

descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

This is actually fine, if you keep working and writing you may be a good novelist one day.

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Why so serious? :3 

descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

Maybe take a look at the one I wrote as a Slice of Life http://www.duelacademy.net/t46453-heaven-academy-a-da-novel

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descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

Well that's not that bad, tho i lose the plot of it Razz could use some better meaning to your going to Anzo's office, since this was kinda pointless. 

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descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

It kinda lacks a plot(And a certain important character that REALLY could be in it)
And I don't get why you explain this is about "a certain girl that is not me" but yet still you use 1st person kinda view(sorry not familiar with literature related words/expressions in English) to describe the story
And what annoys me most is the fact that you call yourself horrible at simply everything

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descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

Pro tip: Gala should be the main character

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descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

I think you have a better chance at making short jokes lol, in so many meanings


descriptionRe: DA the novel (i'm a horrible novelist)

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