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[Discussion] Zodiac Beast

on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:56 am

New archetype coming Smile Has anyone looked at those cards yet?

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Re: [Discussion] Zodiac Beast

on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:32 am
I haven't looked trough cards but this is what I've heard:

-They're based on Chinese Zodiac, Snakes, Dragons, Apes, Tigers etc...
-They're all LV 4 Beast-Warrior type monsters with 4 I believe XYZs, Rank 4 Spam, but forreal!
-They're pretty good, most likely will become Tier 1
-They attach bunch of cards to their XYZ, some of them are OP?
-Fire Formations, broken, plus their spell likes countinuos stuff on the field...

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Re: [Discussion] Zodiac Beast

on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:59 am
I have looked trough them indeed and will say it is a stupid mechanic. The deck can be easily abused, it doesn't really require much skill to master and is overall something that would make the game less fun and entertaining. While it's an intereting mechanic it just ruins the meaning of XYZ summoning. 

Also, for me while the deck does have huge potential if Konami keep givingnit OP support, it's not that hard to stop. The deck waist top much resources on making one big fat ass monster and if you can interrupt the making of that you will have a great chance to take the upper hand and ultimately outplay the deck.

They do have nice artwork tho.

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Re: [Discussion] Zodiac Beast

on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:48 pm
wtf how come centrik is posting YGO related stuff? lol

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Re: [Discussion] Zodiac Beast

on Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:14 pm
Alright, I have looked at AND tested a bit with these guys online, so I can give you a lil insight into how they operate:

- They will NOT run Desires, or well, shouldn't anyway. Reason being: Molrat is wayyy too critical to the deck, to even risk banishing a single copy of (you NEED --- and I mean NEED --- all 3 copies to go off). It near cripples you if even 1 copy of rat gets banished due to desires.

- The deck can generate some crazy plusses t1, thanks to Giantrainer access (One of their XYZ's makes Coach Captain Bearman searchable, which is kinda dumb haha), as well as having nat beast access if you wanna run the Goyo defender build. You SHOULD be running Tenki and (more than likely Tensu) as your fire formation spells.

- Whilst the deck CAN OTK, it also struggles with established fields, should it be forced into going 2nd; as such, it would much rather go first and set up its plays.

- Did I mention that Rat is crucial to the deck? It truly is; cannot be understated. It is essentially a 'banish-a-rat-and-you-lose' sort of situation.

- RUN THE SPEEDROID ENGINE. Other techs don't matter, but the Speedroids get you to Invoker, which kickstarts your plays (as it is your way to Rat; therefore, your entire playstring)

That's just a brief overview of how the deck plays for you guys. I can go into more depth at a later time, if so desired.


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Re: [Discussion] Zodiac Beast

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