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deck devastation virus

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1 deck devastation virus on Wed May 19, 2010 11:20 pm


Slifer Red Duelist
Slifer Red Duelist
so i nreally need help with this card i cant seem to understand if the effects are seperate or connected...

1st of all does it destroys cards for 3 turns? does my opponent destroys his <1500 atk monsters as well. can u add cards by sangan and would they be destroyed when summoned. what about cards like Plague spreader zombie would it be destroyed on its ressurection as well ?

thnx in advance guys

2 Re: deck devastation virus on Thu May 20, 2010 12:35 am


Obelisk Blue Duelist (Don't Delete)
Obelisk Blue Duelist (Don't Delete)
Deck Devastation Virus (DDV) destroys all monsters with 1500 or less ATK on your opponent's field and in the hand at the time it resolves. After that, it will destroy all monsters with 1500 or less ATK that your opponent draws (and you get to check each of his/her draws) until the end of your opponent's 3rd turn.

Destroying monsters on the field and in the hand only occurs 1 time, when the card initially resolves. After that, it will only destroys monsters that are drawn. If your opponent summons a monsters with 1500 or less ATK it won't be destroyed, and the same goes for if they move a monster with 1500 or less ATK to their hand by a method other than drawing it.

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