Yugioh war update 2

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Yugioh war update 2

Post by Bladecharge on Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:46 am

To be honest I never wrote down on a doc or paper about the characters in it and i don't think I will I am just using my memory. Well maybe I will one day. Anyway after chapter 6 is over with I got some gear and magic that I need to put down also some other stuff on it maybe i will put some bio on the thing i have to work on.  bounce

Anyway um after I am done I am going to do anther fan made deck thing. It for a future Character Will she be good or bad I am not saying. Oh ya it a she because Their is not that many female people in this fan fic. Fun fact i never finish Yugioh wars. Yep never completed.  So ya their that. If their an  future amour making game i would use it but i don't if their is any so ya.  I am not insane I don't like to make crazy characters but i do like them but i would never make a crap ton of them so ya. bounce

Did you know that besides the original nine and Fista. the others that you have seen are character that other people made. Maybe i will let you guys make some maybe. I need a job lol. #tryingtogetone. Oh the bouncing head at the end of each paragraph is just me begging bored. Oh i will post the heroes stuff on here as well so ya their that.  I would like to have a pic of the armour but it would be like halo armour.bounce

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.


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Re: Yugioh war update 2

Post by Kangaroo-Jolty on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:47 pm

Keep the good work coming Smile



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