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Hey all, I'm Tai.

I used to play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh years ago but fell out of the game around the time ZexalII was showing in Japan. I used to remember these forums being a lot of fun, and I've been interested in getting back into the game, so I decided I'd sign up.

I've downloaded ygo pro but I've yet to make a deck on it.

I also enjoy making graphics like the one in my sig. Is there any sort of protocol here for making them for anyone who asks?

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you can make them for anyone if they ask. but if you wanna sell them for DP you'll have to request a shop.

My Health Potions:

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Hello Kai, welcome.

As staxx has said you can make someone a sig if they wish, but you can also make profit out of that by opening a shop and getting Duel Points for your works Wink

"So we are staying in this mess, this beautiful mess tonight"
Why so serious? :3 

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