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descriptionRap Battles?

Do have any rappers, or wanna be rappers in here? What do guys think or rap battles? Maybe awarding DP or a custom made bar for the best rapper in DA? Of course that would include no copying off the internet, and it was to be your own material, don't copy off another rapper lol.

descriptionRe: Rap Battles?

i'm the best rapper here  Cool

My Health Potions:

descriptionRe: Rap Battles?


Achievments in spoiler.
Spoiler :
DA League S2, S9, and S11 winner
Chronos Survival Cup 3 Winner. TBUT2 and TBUT3 winner.
Won 29+ DA lives
DA Lives season 0, and season 1 winner.
Won more DA lives than anyone else. Alot more.
Supreme queen of May 2012, April-May 2013, and May 2014.
Three time Survival Master
My current DA record: Wins:451 Lost: 81 Draws: 6
Former Teacher and Assistant. Former Moderator.
First to ever reach the Abandoned Dark League
Moderator of the year 2013.
DA Regionals 2012 and 2013 top 4
Badass since 2011
First to ever pass the Slifer Exam, with a score of 34/35.
Much more.

descriptionRe: Rap Battles?

Shit, I'm down

BA Challenge Thread

descriptionRe: Rap Battles?

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