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Our Lost Pieces [Part I: Game Over]


descriptionOur Lost Pieces [Part I: Game Over]

First topic message reminder :

Player list:
1. kyosuke kiryu
2. faervel
3. vequest The Brodie (Lux's Alt)
4. DanelerH
5. CrimsonOverlord skeletronlord
6. jjh927
7. Debi
8. Wingshine
9. Linda-Senpai
10. TricMagic
11. Olethros
12. Bladecharge
13. EchoVision

Game rules:
1) All decisions come down to a democracy. The moderator gets 14 votes.
2) Please place your votes using the following code. While using bold tags to place your vote is okay, using the following would be prefered. Your vote will not get counted if it's not bolded.:


<span style="background-color: #FFFFFF"><strong>[color=#000000]VOTE:[/color]</strong></span>
<span style="background-color: #FFFFFF"><strong>[color=#000000]UNVOTE[/color]</strong></span>

3) Lynches will occur when one player has received the majority of votes. You may post during the twilight period between the hammer and the closing of the thread.
4) If unsufficient votes are made on any player, or a majority of votes have been made to no lynch, no lynch will be made.
5) Nights will last 48 hours.
6) Do NOT quote any private communication from me, nor any mason, scum, neighbour, or anything topics that may or may not exist. You may paraphrase, just don't copy it wholesale.
7) You MAY NOT discuss the game outside of the thread unless your role specifically gives you the ability to do so. The acception to this is any neighboorhoods, Scum PT, or masonry PTs you are involved in. I really feel like I should not be bolding this acception but whatever
Cool Days will last 7 irl days, or until a lynch (or no lynch) has been decided on.
9) Blue (#0099ff) is my color. Refrain from using it.
10) In the tragic event I drop off the face of the earth, @Nightbot will take my place and he has no say in this Wink.
11) Death is final, but a single contentless "bah!" post will be permitted, just make sure it has no content in said post.
12) The rules can be arbitrarily changed/added to by one party (me) anytime I am feeling greedy and/or evil.
13) Players not use factional and individual actions simultaneously unless their role PM explicitly says otherwise.
14) This setup is non-bastard.
15) Be nice, and try to enjoy yourself. BTW I'll send prods every 48 hours. Something like that.
16) Prod rules will be extremely strict. If you are going V/LA either inform me or put up V/LA flags. I will be very quick to replace for inactivity.
17) This setup will be reviewed.
18) hahaha I totally stole this rules thingy from a friend.

Setup Information:
1) The setup is confirmed as having 10 Town-Aligned players and 2 Scum-Aligned players. The 13th player's alignment may be {Town, Scum, Serial Killer}. Traitors and similar count as scum.
2) Alignments were randomized independent on picks. Flavour is not alignment indicative.
3) Only one pick is required but you can send three to make my life easier if you want.
4) From the day the game fills you have 2 days to send in a pick. Failure to do so and I will pick for you.
5) The game will be non-bastard and role madness.

Alive (7/13) :
Faervel was Reisen Udongein Inaba; a Redirector
DanelerH was Kaito Kid; a Jack of All Trades
Wingshine was Sonic the Hedgehog; a Compulsive Modified Tracker
TricMagic was Honest; a Modified Bodyguard
Olethros was Scapegoats; a 1-shot Mass Neighbourizer Neighbourhood Doctor
bladecharge was a Kitchen Cabinet; a Loyal Reloader Neighbor
EchoVision was a Refrigerator; a Rolestopper Neighbour

Dead (6/13) :
Day 1 Debi vanished. He was something Post Game He was revealed as Taiga "Palmtop Tiger" Aisaka; a 2-shot Strongman and a 1-shot Janitor
jjh927 was burned alive night 1. He was Phoenix Wright; a Jack of All Trades aligned with the Town
vequest was drowned in depression day 2. He was Sayaka Miki, an Ascetic 1-shot Novice Desperado aligned with the Town
CrimsonOverlord was bullied out of existance day 2. He was Archer, a Fisherman.
Linda-Senpai was burned to the stake day 3. They were Bernkastel a Rolecop with a 1-shot Redirect
kyosuke kiryu walked away from everything at endgame. They were NightBot a Roleblocker

Part 1: http://www.duelacademy.net/t49851-our-lost-pieces-part-i-d1
Part 2: http://www.duelacademy.net/t49938-our-lost-pieces-part-ii-d1

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descriptionRe: Our Lost Pieces [Part I: Game Over]

Right, I'm going to get food, then I'm going to locals. I'll try to keep up while I eat and between rounds, but in the meantime I'm interested to see the outcome of this Debi wagon and if someone could continue questioning Tric that would be great.




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