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Point-blank, most of the old-duelists here know the first-manual online YGO! TCG Game: KCVDS, and how did it shutdown by Seto Kaiba the CEO of the game itself. As he proclaimed that Christopher Salvareni ( DN's owner) was hacking and making issues with his game and that led him to shut the game down. 

Many trackers may already know that the game is under-construction, but we didn't take any further informations about that as few those who could contact Seto

1- OLD-Site: http://kaibacorporation.com/
It appears like this: 
KCVDS? '-'  ZxI696w

After that, I suddenly accessed a link. Which was controversial to me. 

2- New-Link: http://www.setokaiba.net/
Notes: * The page's address is "KaibaCorporation". 
* The page appears like it's undersonctruction and infographic says that the page is 'Coming-Soon'

So. is that a new upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling platform? or is it a mere site/forum, or can we say it's another coming troll?!

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From the limited knowledge I know it isn't ever coming back.

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Whether it's coming back or not is not the question at hand. The real question is why should it matter? KCVDS merely succeeded due to lack of competition. Once DN popped up to surface people switch to the new platform at once. DN was easily accessed, more easily used, and faster as well. Whether DN owner hacked KCVDS or not does not really matter, if it's true then it only made things transition faster - imagine it as shooting a dying horse. The result is the same.

Though if KCVDS is indeed coming back then I hope its a better version of its old self.

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its not coming back and even if it does it wont be able to compete with duelingbook or ygopro

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