Here will be a place where Articles will be placed that are intended to be helpful reading! That is, if you want to get better at Mafia.

For Newer Players: - A Flash presentation by Mike "Burnfire" Grevengoed about how the game works. - Alisae's Rolelist. Mostly to be used in Alisae's Themed Games. As there are many role possibilities, not everything is included, but the most basic ones are there. - Helpful game theory - Mafiascum's Wiki Section about Theory

More advanced articles and information. - mhsmith's inexperienced challenger (IC) post. Basicly on MS, the newbie queue is where people's who want to get into mafia go, and the IC has a handycap where they have to help the newer players get into the game. These are probably the most helpful IC post onsite currently. - A bunch of articles that are really just worth reading in general by Mastina HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. - A guide to Vote Count Analysis (VCA) by Mastina - Charisma in Mafia by Firebringer - The Importance of Transparency, Cooperation & Effort as Town by
wgeurts - Titus on Town Cohesion - Article about Tells by Mastina - Article about Playing Well by Mastina - Another VCA Article by Mastina - A compiled list of games from Linda-Senpai, Alisae, and hopefully in the future, others.