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The game thingy that i made

on Thu May 04, 2017 3:53 pm
So, some of you might already know this, but I made this game.
I've kept on updating it, and I think it has a very interesting metagame. If there was enough players to give feedback and things I would be so pleased.

so here's the link

and there isn't any tutorial so I'll put one here.
Starting with concepts:
so each 'droid' has the following stats: range, damage, reload, speed, and health.
there are currently 41 droids (numbered 0-40).
also the code on the side, it doesn't matter. ignore it.

the team builder

so this teambuilder works pretty simple as the image describes it . the buttons with arrows will scroll through the different droids.
Priority attacks:
You don't control which droid you attack when you can hit two different droids. Instead you hit the one first in the team order.
Doesn't make sense? How about this?

In this example if you could hit both the savage AND tower you'd hit the tower.

And now the different droid types and abilities:

0: Infernoid. explodes on death. and deals tons of damage. but short rang and small health.
1: Melter.  no reload. fast. but SQUISHY.
2: Sniper. Infinite range. stuns after hitting target. more damage the further away it is.
3: Orbital. Regens. has a ball that circles around it that stuns and damages. Short range. slow.
4: Senty. 10000 health. nothing else special other than low damage.
5: Ultimoid. so broken it got banned from tourneys.

6: Randomoid. Random stats, and color.
7: Drainer. drains.
8: Death. one-shots
9: Bloodborn: +10 damage every attack. low reload.
10: Healer: Heals allies rather than dealing damage.
11: Thorns: Damages and stuns on contact.

12: Assassin. Can turn invisable. sneak attacks. low reload.
13: Missile. shoots missiles rather than attacking.
14: Crappy.
15: Magna-Flux. Can one-shot, slows enemies on attack, and deals 400 damage to all enemies every so often.
16: Pulse. Shoots pulses rather than attacking. pulses hit all enemies.
17: Ice. Sprays ice that slows enemies and damages enemies rather than attacking.

18: Fire. Sprayer(same attack method as ice) but shoots fire that burns (deals lingering damage).
19: Lightning. Sprayer Stuns and hits enemies nearby the target
20: Acid. Sprayer Shoots acid that increases all damage that the target takes. 
21: Mines. drops mines rather than attacking.they explode on contact and burns
22: Base. BUGGED
23: Minion.

24: Teleport. No reload. Teleports.
25: Nerfer. Reduces damage and speed when he attacks.
26: Buffer. Increases damage and range of nearby allies.
27: Plague. BUGGED
28: Timestopper. Slows enemies on attack. Stops time shortly occasionally.
29: Golden Chain. Pulls in enemies(under the priority). no reload.

30: Phantom. Sprayer. Bullets phase through targets.
31: Charger. The more time in between his attacks the more damage his next attack does.
32: Mirror. Reflect attacks with more damage.
33: Ricochet. Sprayer. Attacks bounce off of enemies and walls
34: Nexus. Gives allies and itself draining, and when they kill an opponent they gain 1000 health and 50 damage.
35: Gravity. Has a ball (like orbital's) the pulls in enemies.

36: Tower. Can't move. Well rounded and powerful.
37: Savage. Gains more damage with less health.
38: Quake. Quakes rather than attacking (hits all enemies and creates potholes). potholes slow enemies in them and stun enemies on top of them when they're made.
39: Gust. Sprayer. Bullets push enemies.
40 Wave. Semi-bugged(will crash game when it attacks another wave) Shoots "waves" that destroy all sprays, mines, potholes, and missiles.

and there's the complete guide. i hope people can help me with this game.

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Re: The game thingy that i made

on Thu May 04, 2017 3:59 pm
how is this relivent to yugioh, at all, ever,

I have... no idea how to play this game... I should have been kicked out a long time ago... but I keep winning
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Re: The game thingy that i made

on Thu May 04, 2017 4:09 pm
i dont understand any of this

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Slifer Red Duelist
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Re: The game thingy that i made

on Thu May 04, 2017 5:43 pm
that's why it's in off topic.
@staxx I'll make a more detailed tutorial soon.
i'll be editing the post btw.

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Re: The game thingy that i made

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