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Yugioh wars chapter 15 section one

on Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:59 pm

Tony and the team were out patrolling in a MaDdogs with other MaDdogs in an area to inspect any Dark hand forces that came through the area. The time is 1032am (10:32 am) Fista has the radio on low and has Teardrop by BOWL playing while keeping the comms on high volume. They hear people talking on the comms about if they notice anything and where the shipments are going when they move in a different direction.

They are patrolling in a circle that is 5km radius. There are 5 other MaDdogs with them three of the MaDdogs having a lock on rocket launchers and the other ones just have the two heavy machine gun turrets.

“Hey, guys, what happens if we run low on gas?” Jeremy brought up since everyone was quite.

“We go back and refill and if its lunch time we go eat. Then we head back out until 6 pm. Then it night shift turns. I understand if worried about getting bored. That why I have the music on. Oh yeah uh, who wants to take the wheel after the 3:15 5 minute pit stop?  I don’t want to Drive all day.” Fista replied and ask.

“I’ll take over Fista.” JT responded.

“Man, I want some action.” Chase complained to everyone.

“I feel yeah but I doubt that going to happen. I swear if I do not do something I go psycho for some reason.” Saren stated and Tony took a good mental note of that.

“Can they hear us on the comms?” Tony asks Fista.

“No…I have not turned them…on.” Fista said in a confused voice.

“Well uh guys excluding Saren and Fista I think we should tell them what we found out while we were waiting to get pick up at that one abandoned club place.” Tony told the 7. Saren and Fista got confused faces.

“You sure they may not believe us?” Josh replied in a very serious tone.

“Yeah, at least if they do not believe our story at least we tired.” Tony told Josh.

“Okay, I will say it,” Josh said.

“What the heck are you guys talking about? What do I and Fista not know?” Saren questioned.

“When we were waiting to get the place we were at Giovanni…I forgot why but he found a notebook in the shower room. It basically told us that the orb that gets put in us is slowly transforming us into this part organic part energy. The guy in it said that we will be able to have organs but then we won’t which is stupid but whatever he is just updating it too. You know what I will just say what the whole message was because I remember it really good right now so better now than ever.” Josh explained then he told them the message.

“Well, first you told us so you broke the rule but that still nice and you guys believe this. That may be true and other people wrote in that notebook. It sounds like it may be true so I will give it one extra month for it to prove itself.” Fista told them.
“I guess I will do the same.” Saren said.

“So do you guys believe it?” Josh asks them.

“I will not acknowledge it begging true but I will keep it Inmy mind.” Fista replied.

“I am doing the same.” Saren said.

“Well at least that something.” Zackmentionsn to them.

“Yeah it sure is.” Tony responded.

After 20 minutes the MaDdog in front of them got blown up.  Fista then drove to the left side to avoid it and everyone played attention to the field. Fista went on the comms to alert them.  Ben is on the turret and he saw something black move in the distance well he thought he did then he opened fired. Fista told the others where he was firing at then the other MaDdogs started to fire in that direction.

They were heading in that direction which they did manage to find some soldiers so they opened fire at them and they did kill them. The enemies tired to fire at them but they miss.

“Scout the area. Saren and Chase get out and see if you can see any guys and if you do tell us then open fire.” Tony ordered them.

The doors open up and Chase and Saren with heir sniper rifles got out. They look for 20 minutes but found nothing but other people reported in that they saw enemy forces but they killed them. They don’t know if anyone else is nearby but they were told just to scout as they patrol until their shift ends.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.
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