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description[Announcement] DA War League

Duel Academy War League

Greetings Duelist! Today I would like to introduce you to Duel Academy's first ever War Leage.

The War League acts much like the Duel Academy circuit but exclusively for Teams of Duel Academy and like the Duel Academy Circuit big prizes will be given to the members on the top teams, These prizes can range to anything from Duel Points to Rank ups.

How does it work?

That's simple, after every completed war on Duel Academy you with be awarded 3 points for a war win and 1 point for a war lost.

Joining the war league

"How do I join in the war league?" You may ask, that couldn't be any simiplier all you have to is be in a team or register a team [HERE] and you will automatically be entered.

At the end of each season the team with the most points
Will EACH be awarded:

- Dorm Rank up
- 10,000 DP

The team that seal second place will revive:

- Captain Rank up
- 5,000 DP

The first Duel Academy War League will roll out in a couple days so to give everyone a chance to gather and create a Team to participate.

Good Luck everyone!

descriptionRe: [Announcement] DA War League

Oh wait this got announced already

silly me

"So we are staying in this mess, this beautiful mess tonight"
Why so serious? :3 
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